Best Electric Golf Carts

Best Electric Golf Carts ( Best In The Market)

Golf Carts have tremendously improved the game by speeding it up.

Though players are getting away from exercise, it adds quality time and people can travel together while having comfortable conversations between shots.

It’s a recreational vehicle that gives hours of fun over a short distance and is more environmentally friendly than normal cars.

Depending on various states, children from the age of 13 upwards can drive these golf carts.

The maximum speed is below 15 mph to move small numbers of passengers over short distances.

Moreover, for those who are elderly or have difficulty walking a course for golf carts are a great option.

One of the most popular debates regarding golf carts is which one is better between electric golf carts and gas golf carts.

The biggest advantage of owning an electric golf cart, you’re getting rid of polluting the air and noise pollution.

So, today we’ve come up with the best electric golf carts review for you to have.

Let’s have an in-depth look at them.

Best Electric Golf Carts

Best Electric Golf Carts Reviewed & Analyzed

1. Stewart Golf X9 Follow

Stewart Golf X9 Follow

If you’re looking for an electric golf cart that won’t make you spend a lot of money, then you must consider buying the Stewart Golf X9 Follow.

This cart will not only let you save some money but also will carry your belongings without your assistance.

This might be one of the reasons we enlisted it in our Best Electric Golf Carts category, but there are many more into it.

This cart includes loads of helpful features such as hands-free mode.

You can set this mode to make the cart follow you on its own whenever you start walking your course.

Moreover, this model can utilize a Bluetooth connection which you don’t have to fumble around with.

It also comes with a follow mode. Once you’ve set the cart into this mode, it will start to follow you around at a comfortable 3-foot distance.

Therefore, it won’t lag or run into you when you set it in the following mode.

Moreover, this mode lets the cart adjust its speed when you change the pace of your walk.

Lastly, the battery of this cart requires 4 hours to recharge itself.

You won’t find any problem recharging it as you’ll be able to easily detach the battery and recharge it inside your house or garage.

Overall, with so many amazing features this golf cart is surely one of the best electric golf carts out there that you can have.


  • Available in 3 different colors
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty
  • Intuitive follow mode
  • Precise manual mode


  • A little bit heavy

2. FTR Caddytrek R2 Robotic Electric Golf Trolley

FTR Caddytrek R2 Robotic Electric Golf Trolley

If you like to play golf regularly, then you must look into the FTR Caddytrek R2 Robotic Electric Golf Trolley.

You won’t have to strain yourself to get your gear from one hole to another with this golf cart. It can handle all of your grunt work for you.

As a result, you’ll be able to enjoy golf for a long time without feeling very tired.

Once you’ve bought this cart, you’ll find that it features an ample amount of storage.

You can use this amount of storage to fill all of your clubs and bags easily.

It features various convenient modes. You can use its follow mode if you want it to track your movements by staying at a good distance away from you.

Besides, you can also use its march mode and able to reach the next hole before your arrival.

Also, this golf cart weighs 8 pounds only, making it lightweight.

The folding process of this cart is very easy. Therefore, you’ll be to carry it at your own ease and fit it into any kind of place perfectly.

Lastly, the wheels of this cart are large and rugged. So, the cart can perform spectacularly in wet conditions, terrains.

Overall, if you’re looking for a golf cart with a huge amount of storage options then you can definitely try this one of the best electric golf carts.


  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Solid and durable wheels
  • Easy to access technology


  • Expensive

3. Spin It Golf GC1R Golf Trolley

Spin It Golf GC1R Golf Trolley

The Spin It Golf GC1R Golf Trolley is a three-wheeler electric golf cart. It comes with three wheels; among them, the rear wheels are larger than the front wheel.

Therefore, you won’t face any kind of difficulty when you try to push it forward, backward, or any other direction you want.

Besides, you’d have amazing control over the cart thanks to its front wheel being small in size.

Another amazing thing about these wheels is they’re airless.

Airless wheels generally don’t tend to get punctured so easily.

Therefore, you won’t have to spend much money on maintaining these wheels.

There is more to this one of the best electric golf carts if you were likely to go through its features and find it out by yourself.

This golf cart includes enough amount of storage space to hold your clubs and other golf equipment easily.

It also includes an umbrella holder and a bottle holder.

You can easily access them whenever you’re riding.

It also features bungee cords which you can use to stretch the cart as much as you want to fit your bag perfectly.

You can easily carry this cart without putting in any extra labor; as this cart weighs 50 pounds only.

Another feature that makes it easy to carry around is its portability.

You can easily break this cart into a small size and carry it with you without feeling exhausted.


  • Features a remote control option
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Very affordable price
  • Handles a maximum incline of 30 degrees


  • Doesn’t include any follow mode feature

4. Bag Boy Quad Hunter

Bag Boy Quad Hunter

The Bag Boy Quad Hunter is another pricey and high-quality one of the best electric golf carts.

It comes with a controlled distance function which will allow you to choose the distance you think you need.

Once you’ve chosen the destination you want it to go to, it’ll stop itself automatically after reaching your desired destination.

It features a tap and goes control system on its variable speed control.

You can use this system to control its speed without any problem.

It includes a resettable odometer.

You can use these odometers to track distance walked, longest drive, and total distance.

You can use either a single 230-watt motor or a 12V SLA battery to provide it with sufficient energy for its operation.

It doesn’t matter which source of energy you use to provide it with power, as it’ll still have the same capability of operating itself without producing any sounds.

Moreover, it comes with a standard and retractable 5th wheel.

Thanks to this 5th wheel, this cart can handle itself up and downhill very well. It also comes with a full-color display that can show you speed and battery life and an umbrella holder to provide you with enough shade when you’re riding on hot summer days.


  • Easy to set up and take down
  • Light and easy to get it around the entire course
  • Comes with plenty of power to get itself into up hills
  • Features an ample amount of storage


  • Wheels aren’t good in terms of grip

5. Bat Caddy X8R

Bat Caddy X8R

The Bat-Caddy X8R comes with a weight of 22 pounds only.

Therefore, it’s light enough for any person to carry and lift it with ease. You’ll find this cart very compact when you fold it.

So, you’ll be able to fit it anywhere in your car without facing any issues.

Now let’s dig into why it is enlisted as one of our best electric golf carts.

This cart is one of the most durable carts that are available in the market. It has the ability to withstand the rigors of multiple golf seasons as it’s made from aerospace-grade aluminum alloy. This material is the reason why this unit has amazing durability, as well as is lightweight.

You’ll also discover that the right spots of this unit are made from stainless steel, instead of plastic which is used in other units most.

This golf cart features high-quality dual direct motors to operate without producing any loud sounds.

Moreover, thanks to these motors, you’ll be able to move fewer parts of this unit, making you prevent from doing something wrong with it.

Though it includes noiseless motors, it still comes with enough power for full operation.

It comes with a top speed of 5.5 MPH and the ability to traverse inclines up to 30 degrees.

These characteristics should be enough for any golf course you’re planning on doing.


  • Maintenance freewheels
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Top-notch braking system
  • Easy to fold up


  • Not suitable for those who play small 9 hole courses

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6. Cart-Tek GRX950

Best Electric Golf Carts

If you’re looking for an electric golf cart that’s simple and lightweight, yet compact then the Cart-Tek GRX950 is one of the best electric golf carts you’re looking for.

You’ll be amazed at the fact that how light its weight is; as it comes with a weight of around 26 pounds only which is basically perfect for all golfers.

Though it’s not a very great electric cart based on power, it’s very easy to use and transport.

If you prefer to golf on courses that come with a lot of different terrains and long holes, then it’s better to avoid buying this unit.

It features oversized wheels that protect the cart from getting tipped over.

The handle of this cart is ergonomic. Therefore, you’ll be to steer the cart easily when you’re pushing it manually.

However, if you’re one of those golfers who like to golf on small courses, then you can buy this cart as it’s technically designed for golfers who prefer to golf on small courses.

Moreover, the battery of this unit is small in size, but you’ll be amazed by its longevity and recharging abilities.

Thanks to the battery, you can use this cart for up to 27 holes. Some carts feature batteries that get ruined easily when they’re being recharged very often, no matter how big they’re in size.


  • Waterproof
  • Variable speed dial
  • Features different holders
  • Lightweight


  • Not powerful
Buying Guide Of Best Electric Golf Carts

Buying Guide

When you’re buying yourself an electric golf cart, go for one of the best electric golf carts, and to detect one there are some things that you must consider before you buy…

If you don’t keep these things into consideration when you’re purchasing an electric golf cart, then there’s a huge possibility that you’ll end up regretting your choice.

Here are the factors you must remember while you’re out looking for the perfect electric golf cart for yourself:

Wheel Design

The first thing you must remember when you’re spending your money on an electric golf cart is the design of its wheels. Usually, an electric golf cart features three-wheel designs.

They are two-wheeled, three-wheeled, and four-wheeled.

Two-wheeled: Two-wheeled electric golf carts used to rule the electric golf cart industry, back when three-wheeled and four-wheeled electric golf carts were yet to invent.

They were very popular back then because of their stability and easy maneuverability.

If you aren’t comfortable using a three or four-wheeled electric golf cart, then you’ll be glad to know that two-wheeled electric golf carts are still available in the market.

They can work as a great alternative for you if you don’t have any interest in purchasing a three or four-wheeled electric golf cart. Moreover, apart from providing you with great stability, they also come up with pure hard rubber tires.

These tires will cost you less battery consumption; especially when you’re playing on a flat golf course.

Three-wheeled: Nowadays, three-wheeled electric golf carts are more popular than two-wheeled golf carts because they’re easier to use and they’re more stable.

These are the reasons why many golfers, recently, prefer these types of electric golf carts.

These types of electric golf carts will give you the ability to walk right next to them.

Moreover, they have the ability to move straight and upfront. In fact, three-wheeled electric golf carts come with airless tires.

Therefore, you won’t have to put extra effort into maintaining them.

Four-wheeled: Four-wheeled electric golf carts are the last upgraded version of electric golf carts. They have the most convenience and comfort. They can be moved and carried very easily from one place to another.

So, if you want to buy one that will cost you less effort in moving and carrying, then you can try the four-wheeled electric golf carts.


Aluminum and titanium are the main materials that are used to create an electric golf cart.

Whenever you’re buying an electric golf cart, you must make sure that it’s made from aluminum and titanium.

Electric golf carts that are made from aluminum are very lightweight.

Moreover, the use of aluminum in electric golf carts allows them to slide easily around the course. Besides, titanium-based electric golf carts are also good.

The use of titanium not only makes them light but also provides them with great strength.

Therefore, they’ll have the capacity to carry your clubs with much ease.

So, you must buy aluminum or a titanium-based electric golf cart.

However, no matter which of the two material-based electric golf carts you choose, you still would’ve to spend a lot of money.


Another thing you must keep in mind is the type of batteries.

Two types of batteries are used to provide an electric golf cart with sufficient energy.

They are: lithium-ion batteries and lead ion batteries.

Electric golf carts that are powered by lithium-ion batteries are usually light and don’t tend to get discharged very quickly.

However, these types of batteries can offer a less range of power. Moreover, they’re very expensive to afford.

If you think you won’t be able to afford an electric golf cart that gets its power from a lithium-ion battery, then you can consider electric golf carts that are powered by lead-acid batteries as an alternative.

These electric golf carts are provided with a range of power and can operate for a long time.

However, lead-acid batteries are quite heavy.


When you’re purchasing an electric golf cart, you must have all of the necessary information regarding its performance.

By performance, we aren’t referring to how easy it can roam around the entire course. Instead, we’re referring to its operating range or the number of holes it can be used to play with while it’s being powered by a single-charged battery, its capability of climbing the degree of the slope, and how much weight it’s able to carry at maximum level.

So, you must be sure about all of this information about the performance of an electric golf cart when you’re out purchasing one for yourself or someone else.


When you’re buying an electric golf cart, you’d definitely want one that’s not only strong and light to carry, but also can fit inside your car or in any place adequately.

If you’re interested in buying an electric golf cart that has the ability to do these certain things, then you can try out purchasing one that you can set up or fold.


The last thing you must keep in consideration when buying an electric golf cart is its weight.

When you’re going to use or are done using your electric golf cart, you would need to get it out of or in your car on your own.

If you want to get it outside of or inside your car conveniently, then you must have a crystal clear idea about its weight.

So, before buying an electric golf cart, you must make sure that the weight is very light to carry easily.

You must also make sure that it includes the weight of batteries too.

These are the factors you must keep in deep consideration when you’re buying an electric golf cart.

If you keep these aforementioned factors in your mind properly, then you can stay assured that you’ll be able to buy yourself a perfect electric golf cart.


Q) How many miles can an electric golf cart go?

Ans: An electric golf cart has the ability to go between 25 and 40 miles. It clearly depends on your battery configuration.

Q) Why should I use an electric golf cart?

Ans: You should use an electric golf cart because it can provide you with a lot of benefits.

It can improve your health and fitness. You can also reduce your weight if you use an electric golf cart.

Besides, if you use an electric golf cart, you’ll be able to enjoy a better golfing experience.

Q) How much money would you need to spend to operate an electric golf cart?

Ans: Electric golf carts usually consume less energy.

They don’t need petrol to operate, instead, they need some electricity.

So, if you’re using an electric golf cart, all you need to do is give them some electricity by plugging them into charge for their operation.

It would generally cost you around 2 to 4 cents per mile.

Q) Are electric golf carts better than gas golf carts?

Ans: Yes, electric golf carts are better than gas golf carts. Electric golf carts are cheap.

They’re very powerful. They don’t depend on traditional fuels for their operation.

They don’t produce any smells or emissions. They are dependent on rechargeable batteries that aren’t harmful to the environment.

Moreover, they operate quietly which makes them environment friendly.

On the other hand, gas golf carts are very expensive.

However, they’re not that powerful. They use traditional fuels to operate.

Therefore, they emit carbon monoxide and gas smell. In fact, they’re very noisy when they’re operating and also increase environmental pollution.


If you’re looking for an easy route to get around your suburb, then finding and buying the best electric golf cart can be an excellent investment.

These environment-friendly automobiles aren’t only for golfers, but also for those people who want to get around a small group for daily life tasks such as a quick visit to the grocery store.

So, we highly believe and hope that our selected best electric golf carts review will help you to select the best one for you.

We’ve also included buying a guide that will let you know the things to consider before buying a golf cart.

These are the best electric golf carts with all the features and essentials you might look for.

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