Best Golf Apps for Apple Watch
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[ Top 7 ] Best Golf Apps For Apple Watch [ Read before you chose one ]

Technology has entered every aspect of our lives and we do not even have to use our eyes that carefully thanks to the innovations.

Apple is a brand that is way ahead of many other brands that focus on technology.

They constantly upgrade their products and you also have to find the apps that make the most out of those products without our pick about Best Golf Apps For Apple Watch.

As a golfer, you need your accuracy and your past record to judge yourself.

Most passionate golfers have a golf watch that helps them keep track of where they are going and how they are doing.

No wonder, most often these watches are by the brand Apple.

So, let’s look at the best golf apps for Apple Watch.

Apple Watch.

Best Golf Apps For Apple Watch  Reviewed & Analyzed 

1. Hole19 App

Hole19 App

If you are looking for a golf app with a few basic free features then Hole19 definitely provides the best.

In fact, it has a stylish design and an easy-to-use interface.

Furthermore, it gives you quite an accurate view of your course.

And, I am not talking about a cartoonish view but a birdseye satellite view that lets you see everything on the course- including hazards.

It has premium options where you can keep your scores and track your improvement or performance.

2. GolfShot App 

GolfShot App 

Another great golf app that you will have to pay for is the Golfshot app.

Apparently, it is well worth the price you pay because it not only just offers amazing features but it also offers it in the best way.

You can get your distance to the green from anywhere.

The free version of this app uses GPS and lets you track your shots along with the club you are using.

Therefore, it helps you improve your performance by keeping track of what you are doing.

You also get a birds-eye view of the course when you use this app.

There are many apps that offer such features but with this app- you can be sure that everything will be accurate.

Furthermore, the colorful display and the way it presents things are also quite attractive.

3. Swing by Swing Golf GPS

Swing by Swing Golf GPS

This app comes with both free and premium features.

What will surprise you is the fact that the free features are enough for most golfers.

It has a map of almost any course in the world.

As a result, it provides you with very accurate distances to the tee and more,

You can track your distance, shot, stat, etc. with this app as it helps you record your performance on it.

Therefore, you can see your improvement along the way and strive to do better.

The view it offers may not be very great at tracking hazards around the course.

It’s most good at showing you the distance.

4. Zepp App 

Zepp App 

You know that the most important part of the game of golf is your swing.

The accuracy lets you know where you have to hit and how far you have to go.

But, it’s the swing that brings it all to life- if you cannot execute your plan, it’s of no use.

The Zepp app gives you the option to monitor your swing as well.

But, to monitor your swing you will need the Zepp sensor that is attached to your gloves.

The sensor will track the motion of your swing, path, plane, tempo, etc. You will know clearly where you are going wrong.

Don’t worry if you do not want the sensor.

The app itself does what other golf apps do- it gives you distance, a view of the course, and the ability to record and track your performance.

Overall, it sure is a great app, easy to use as well. But, it will provide more value if you get the sensor with it.

5. Golf Logix Golf GPS +Line

Golf Logix Golf GPS +Line

The Golf Logix app is another app that gives you the basic information you need from apps along with much more.

Apparently, this app will give you the distance or yardage of the holes of over 35000 golf courses across the world.

You will be able to calculate the distance.

Furthermore, you can keep the score of four players on it and this can be uploaded to the app’s website so that you can track your performance.

The premium version will let you know the distance of the hole from various sides.

One more thing the premium version does is- it lets you know what the standard is supposed to be.

Apparently, it shows how far the club you are using should go.

Furthermore, this app also provides you access to videos that you can learn from.

Overall, it’s an app with numerous features that will help you improve your performance- it’s like a guide for golf.

6. Coach’s Eye

Coach’s Eye

Most of the time, you know what you should do but you don’t know what you are doing wrong.

In these cases, you need an app that will help you monitor yourself.

The Coach’s eye is such an app that lets you record your swing in slow motion.

Furthermore, you can zoom in, compare with another video, and do more to analyze your swing.

If you are on a quest to improve your golf swing, this is actually one of the best choices.

7. Golf Swing Analyser

Golf Swing Analyser

This is another app that rests on your Apple watch and records your swing.

It keeps information like swing power, tempo, etc.

You can analyze these data and then work to improve your swing.

Record again and compare with your previous swings- it will provide you a good view of your performance.

Final Words

Apple watches are constantly improving in their designs and features.

Along with the watches, the apps are also improving.

So, you may be satisfied with one app for some time but you will realize that a new app will use the features of the new watch more.

So, you may either have to continuously upgrade your app or replace it.

But for now, these few best golf apps for the Apple watch are catching our eyes.

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