Best Golf Ball for Cold Weather

[ Top 6 Pick ] Best Golf Ball for Cold Weather [ Read Before You Chose One for you ]

Does the cold weather affect how golf balls perform?

Most certainly.

After all golf balls are made of materials that react to temperature.

You may have to adjust your game in the winter or you may have to find the golf ball that requires no adjustment and fits right in with the weather.

You have to find the best golf ball for cold weather.

If you want to excel at playing golf in cold weather.

There are quite a few factors you will have to consider

when choosing such a ball.

We will give you an idea about the things you have to think about.

Before we get to that, let’s check out some of the best golf balls for cold weather.

Best Golf Ball for Cold Weather: The Reviews

1. Titleist DT TruSoft Golf Balls.

Titleist DT TruSoft Golf Balls

Titleist is a name you will come across quite often in the world of golf. In fact, it’s a brand name you can trust.

Titleist has both the skills and innovative technology to create great balls suitable for any weather.

And, they have surely made a golf ball perfect for cold weather!

The Titleist DT Trusoft golf ball is a ball with low compression- which makes it half perfect for the cold weather.

Secondly, it has a low spin, which helps it go a great
distance even through the thick air.

Finally, the ball has quite a good quality softcover.

Therefore, it won’t just bounce around on greens and you will be able to take quite the accurate shots.

What you may find a bit of trouble with is the feeling you get from this ball.

Furthermore, you may have different kinds of experiences based on the type of swing you have- this set of balls is not a great option for people with really high swing speeds.

Overall, it is a good option for the weather but it may not suit everyone’s swing.


The ball has low compression.
It has a softcover.
It covers a really good distance even in the thick air.
Good quality builds- You can trust the brand name.
Not too expensive.


It’s not the best choice for people with high swing speeds.

2. Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls.

Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Ball

The Wilson Staff Fifty Elite golf balls have just the right compression for the cold weather.

In fact, it has a really low compression which helps it traverse quite a distance very easily.

Furthermore, the golf balls are quite soft in nature.

Therefore, you will get quite a good performance on the green or just the ground.

It has a composite build and the rubber core makes it really soft.

On top of that, it has such dimples, and the new 302 Ph.D. aerodynamics features flat bottom.

These two features together help the ball penetrate through the thick air straight and at a good speed.

The overall quality of the build is great.

Apart from that, what you may have a bit of trouble with is the feel of it. To some golfers, this golf ball felt a bit too soft.

But, for the cold season- it may just be what you need.

It has a reasonable price as well.


The ball goes straight quite easily.
It has good speed and spins in the thick cold air.
The cover and core are both soft so it will help you be accurate in your shots.
The dimples help the ball be more penetrating in the air.
Good quality build.
Great value for the money.


It may feel a bit too soft.

3. TaylorMade Noodle Long & Soft Golf Balls.

TaylorMade Noodle Long & Soft Golf Balls

These TaylorMade noodle golf balls are quite precisely made for cold weather.

But, do they do a good job?

Yes, most of the time they do and that is why they are so popular.

Apparently, these balls have an iothane cover which is quite soft.

As a result, the balls are quite soft around and on the greens.

So, they stay put where you hit them.

Other than that, these balls offer you a good amount of control as well.

They have a patented dimple design that helps the ball get a straighter flight.

These are quite durable in build and of good quality.

After all, it’s Taylormade we are talking about! Other than that, while these balls do fight with the thick air during cold.

Weathers to some extent- they are not the fastest.

So, if speed and distance is your preference, these Noodle balls should not be your first choice.

But, these balls offer excellent value for the price you pay.


Softcover makes them really accurate in and around greens.
The dimples keep it going straight.
Easy to distinguish from other golf balls on the course.
Quite durable in build.
It offers great value for the money.


that do it better.
They don’t cover the most distance- there are other cold-weather gold balls.

4. Srixon AD333 Golf Balls.

Srixon AD333 Golf Balls

If you are looking for an affordable or not-too-expensive set of cold weather golf balls.

Then these Srixon AD333 golf balls may just be what you need.

Apparently, it has quite a good quality build with just the right materials.

The blended cover of the ball is thin.
So you can expect it to be quite soft.

Furthermore, this ball is made to pierce through the drag the thick air offers during cold weather.

In fact, you will find that this ball does not really lose a lot of distance in cold weather.

It will also land nicely on the grass or green just with the right amount of spin.

Other than that, what you may have a bit of dissatisfaction with is the feel or the bite
balls usually provide around greens.

That may feel missing.

Apart from that, it’s just built right for the cold weather and it does not lose distance.

You also don’t have to pay a lot for it.


A not-too-expensive option for the golfers.
It pierces through the thick air with a good speed and goes quite a distance.
Good quality build.
Has quite a softcore.
Consistent trajectory with a good start.


It may not let you feel that bite when chipping.

5. Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls.

Precept 2017 Laddie Extreme Golf Balls

Do not want to lose any distance in cold weather?

Then, you should try the Callaway Golf supersoft golf balls.

Apparently, it is made in a way that it has the best
performance in the air.

Even if it’s thick air we are dealing with.

It has a low drag HEX aerodynamics in it which gives the ball a piercing speed in the thick air.

Furthermore, the trajectory of the golf ball is quite satisfying as well.

You will like how this ball flies.

It traverses a good distance and bounces on the ground a well- covering even more distance.

While it has ‘supersoft in its name, and it cannot be denied that it is rather soft- it’s not the softest.

Apparently, its performance around the green may not be as you imagined it to be- yes, it is slightly harder than other balls we reviewed and it
may not help you be accurate.

Apart from that, the golf ball is made with quality and clever design.

It comes in various colors and if you choose the right color (definitely not white), you won’t have
a hard time finding it.

Price-wise- you will be happy with the service this ball


The ball covers a very good distance even in cold weather.
It is great for people with slower swing speeds.
The spin is just right.
Its performance in the air is notably satisfying- with trajectory and everything.
else considered.
Good quality build.
Good value for the money.
Quite easy to spot.


It may not give the best performance around greens as it is not as soft as you.
would like it to be.

6. Precept 2017 Laddie Extreme Golf Balls.

Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls

It seems that you mainly face trouble with the distance covered by the golf ball when playing in cold weather.

So, most golf balls for cold weather tend to include such a feature in them that helps you increase the distance.

In the Precept Laddie Extreme…

Golf ball design- it’s the muscle fiber core that helps you get a good distance from the ball.

In fact, the core is lightweight and it’s soft.

As a result, the ball flies really well right off the tee, with a great trajectory.

Furthermore, it faces less drag in the thick air so
the speed and distance both turn out to be great.

The golf ball also eliminates side spin with its design so you get straighter flights.

It helps you stick to the fairway.

The ionomer cover has dimples that provide you with
good control over the ball as well.

If there is something you may not absolutely love about the golf ball is its harder nature.

Yes, the core sure is soft but the cover may not feel that soft around the green.

Bouncing balls on the green are not something golfers adore.

Apart from all that, these golf balls provide quite the value and are built with quality.


It helps you increase your distance.
The micro-fiber core is behind it all- both distance and a flight with low drag.
A great choice for golfers with faster swing speed.
It has a good quality build- well worth the price it comes at.
Good visibility.
You will have good control over the ball for the dimples as well.
Easy to send straight.


The ball is not soft enough as a result of which it may be difficult to handle
around and on the green.

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Best Golf Ball for Cold Weather: The Buying Guide

Here are the things you should keep in mind when you are searching for the best golf ball for cold weather.

1 . The Compression of the ball:

We know that everything gets harder in colder

For example, water becomes ice.

Likewise, the core of a golf ball becomes harder in cold weather.

As a result, it can travel a longer distance.

Another fact is that golf balls with a softer core compress easily.

Therefore, you want a golf ball with a softer core and low compression number in winter.

This way, you will be able to get your ball to cover quite a good distance.

2 . The Cover Material:

In winter, the ground kind of becomes hard.

Just like everything else the ground also loses moisture and becomes harder than it usually is.

In this case, a golf ball that has a hardcover will spin more on the ground.

Therefore, it will be hard for you to be accurate- especially on the green.

If you want to reach the hole easily, then a golf ball with a soft cover will be your best choice.

This is why golf balls with a Urethane cover are most preferred.

Because they are not just soft but durable as well. However, these balls will be expensive as well.

3. The Ball Spin:

You will find three kinds of spins to choose from when you are looking for a golf ball.

Each serves different kinds of purposes but you will
surely find one that suits you.

  • Low Spin: A ball with low spin, won’t spin as much (You can guess) and how it affects the ball by slowing it down.
  • Apparently, the ball won’t travel a very long distance.
  • This is actually a con in the air- because you want to ball to
  • travel a good distance. However, it is actually a good thing in the case of short games.
  • Because then, the ball won’t roll so much on the green and you won’t miss the hole by a great distance.
  •  Medium Spin: This gives you the best of both worlds. Neither will it cut distance nor will it let the ball be slow on the ground.
  • Such a spin gives all its control to you.
  • High Spin: Now, this is our choice for cold weather. Apparently, during the cold weather, the air gets thicker.
  • As a result, the ball faces more resistance
    when moving forward.
  • This, again, leads to a shorter distance covered than
  • It’s a fact that the ball will lose its distance by 2% for every 10-degree drop of temperature below the 70-90 optimal temperature range.

This is why a high spin is preferred.

High spin balls travel quite a distance so the
winter air won’t be able to pull it back a lot.

So, this is the ball you want if you want to cover a good distance even in the shivering winter weather.

4. The Durability of the Ball.

When buying golf balls, you need to buy the best quality.

This is because everything in the ball affects its performance.

Even a scratch on it will reduce the distance it
travels because of friction.

Furthermore, golf balls are expensive and you do not really want a golf ball that will just break in half when you hit it.

Therefore, you want a golf ball that is durable- buy from the best brands and you won’t regret it.

5. The Visibility of the ball.

It would be a shame if everything is going great but you can’t find the ball you just hit!

In fact, it’s quite a common occurrence and can happen to anyone in any weather.

But, it happens more during the winter months. This is because there are more fallen leaves on the ground, of various colors.

So, finding your precious golf ball among it becomes difficult.

You have a hazard to deal with and then there are the leaves making it harder- what makes it easy?

Apparently, the solution is quite simple- buy golf balls that are easy to see or find.

Choose bright colors- preferably neon.

You will be able to tell them apart from the leaves and the crows that often mistake golf balls for their eggs will know it’s not their egg as well.

6. The Cost.

This is where things may feel quite difficult.

You have found the golf ball of your winter dreams but it is so expensive that you do not know if you should buy it or not.

Apparently, golf balls tend to get lost more during the winter season because of the reasons we already stated.

Therefore, it is best to buy the cheaper ones so you don’t feel like you have put in so much money for absolutely nothing.

Again, the quality of the more expensive golf balls is definitely better.

So, here is where you have to compromise a bit.

You either pay more for high-quality, high-performing golf balls or you sacrifice a bit of your performance to keep it all affordable.

You have another choice-save the more expensive balls for greater tournaments and practice with the cheaper ones.

What’s different during the winter?

  • The golf balls get slower due to thicker air.
  • Compression of the balls increases in number- not a great thing.
  • They can get lost easily amid colorful falling leaves.
  • The ground is harder so the balls may roll a lot on the ground.

Best Golf Balls for Cold Weather: The Benefits

Why should you buy golf balls specifically suitable for the cold weather? Here’s why.

For the ball to travel a good distance

Even in warm weather, it can be hard to send the ball far enough.

You have to put a lot of effort and speed in your swing to get it right.

During the winter, it gets even tougher as resistance form the air is greater.

Find the right golf ball for the weather will help you get the same distance without putting in the extra effort

Easier to Find

If you choose the right color, a color that is easy to spot- you won’t have a tough time finding your golf ball amid leaves.

Better Short Game

You have to be very accurate in the short game of golf- it’s what determines whether someone is a great golfer or not.

With the right ball, the ball will just spin enough on the ground- not more, not less.

Best Golf Ball for Cold Weather: Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t golf balls be kept warm in cold weather by keeping them in the pocket?

Answer: You won’t be able to change the ball you start the hole with when playing that hole (Most likely). By the time you reach the green, your golf ball will already be cold. Apart from that, yes, keeping the ball in your pocket will keep it warm for a while- but, it’s still not the best way to do things. Better if you consider how the weather affects the ball and find a ball that can handle the weather.

How to maintain golf balls?

In fact, it may not cross your mind that golf balls require maintenance but they actually do. After all, they are exposed to not just dirt and dust but also mud. So, all you have to do is soak them in water mixed with a mild soap, or even vinegar and rub it clean. Then, rub it dry.

Final Words

There are just a few special considerations when you are looking for a golf ball to play with during the cold weather.

Apart from that, the other considerations are quite
basic- the quality of the ball, your swing speed, the dimple patterns, etc.

There are many great golf ball brands out there but not all their designs will suit you.

What others may find the best, won’t be the best choice for you. So, find the best golf ball for
cold weather for yourself.

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