Best Golf Ball For Slow Swing Speed

Best Golf Ball For Slow Swing Speed ( All You Need To Know)

Not all golfers have the same level of expertise or the body strength to hit the ball with a high swing speed.

While many golfers are passionate about making powerful strikes, in reality, many of them have a slow swing speed.

Manufacturers are constantly trying to bring innovative features and technologies to help the golfers with high swing speed up their game.

Does that mean that you will never find the perfect match to level with your swing speed?

Well, no worries, we are here as your knight in shining armor to help you find the right match for your slow swing speed.

We understand that not golf balls will help you thrive and deliver consistent performance.

Therefore, after tons of researches, trials, and errors, we have come up with some of the best golf balls for slow swing speed.

All of these balls are highly suitable for slow swing players and they will help you enhance your skills and performance at the same time.

Also, we have accumulated balls with varying price ranges and designs so that everyone can find their best match.

Now without any further delay, let’s jump into the reviews.

Best Golf Ball For Slow Swing Speed

Best Golf Ball For Slow Swing Speed

Srixon Q-star Tour 2 Golf balls

Best Golf Ball For Slow Swing Speed

Srixon believes that there are many excellent golfers out there who are looking for tour quality golf balls.

However, their slow swing speed refrains them from maximizing their ability to deliver the ultimate performance and Srixon golf balls are one of our best golf balls for slow swing speed for a reason, find it out by reading it.

The ball comes in a basic white color and a pack of 12. It has a premium three-piece construction with a tour-caliber urethane cover.

The advanced technology in the gradient growth core ensures optimum energy transformation to maximize the performance on every shot.

It has a 338 unique aerodynamic speed dimple design that helps to reduce drag and increase the lift to ensure maximum distance and stable flight.

Srixon has included their signature technology third-generation spin skin technology to provide you with better control over the ball.

The urethane cover combined with the spin skin coating makes the ball strong at flexible at the same time.

This ensures that the player achieves both durability and spin during the game.

It has a compression rating of 72 which makes it considerably soft despite being a tour quality ball. The lower compression core gives a soft feel that helps that player to attain their preferred distance even with a slower swing speed.

Now you can understand why we kept it in our list of  Best Golf Ball For Slow Swing Speed.


  • Low compression gives a soft feel
  • Generates distance even with low swing speed
  • Urethane cover provides both spin and control
  • Aerodynamic dimple design to reduce drag
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • Comes only in white color

Callaway Golf ERC Soft Triple Track Golf Balls

Callaway Golf ERC Soft Triple Track Golf Balls

If you’re a slow swinger and distance is one of your top priorities then you’ll surely love the Callaway Golf ERC Soft Triple Track Golf Balls. And there is a reason we kept it in our list of Best Golf Ball For Slow Swing Speed, which you will gradually get to know.

Long balls with a soft feel are quite an unusual thing, however, Callaway has successfully done it.

The Callaway ERC softball features HEX Aerodynamics with refined surface contour to reduce drag as it sails.

This helps it to cover longer distances even with slower swing speed.

The design of the ball is unique as it has a thick red line in the middle and thin blue lines on the sides.

This concept has proven to provide better accuracy and helps the golfer with alignment issues.

It has a graphene-infused core that’s incredibly strong yet very flexible.

Even though it has a soft feel, it’s rigid enough to retain the energy to make the ball sail with maximum distance and minimum spin.

Callaway has incorporated a hybrid polybutadiene cover on this one.

The cover is a blend of ionomer and urethane to deliver highly responsive and control.

Urethane covers are generally used on expensive golf balls to provide better control.

However, with the Callaway Golf ERC, you’ll get to enjoy the goodness of urethane balls with a lower price tag.


  • Made with high-quality material
  • Unique design offers better visibility and alignment
  • Suitable for distant shots
  • Hybrid cover provides better control


  • Some players find them to be too soft

Titleist DT TruSoft Golf Balls

Titleist DT TruSoft Golf Balls

The trick to make the most of your swing speed is to hit hard yet get a soft feel out of it.

Titleist is one of the most trusted in the game and the DT TruSoft is one of the best in their line.

It’s a bit longer than the previous version that lowers down the compression to some extent.

The ball features a TruTouch core that reduces the spin during long shots and maximizes the distance as it retains the energy.

It incorporates an ionomer cover with the new TruFlex technology that delivers a soft feel.

It comes in a basic white color and a pack 12, making it quite a great deal considering the price to performance ratio.

Even with a slow swing speed, you can easily attain some extra yards if you have this baby around.

It will give you a flexible feel without being too soft and deliver the perfect tick as you hit the ball.

The dimples of the Titleist DT TruSoft have been tweaked to provide better aerodynamics during flights.

The aerodynamic hollow design helps to fly high with reduced drag even through the rough crosswind.


  • Helps to achieve better distance with slower swing speed
  • Not too soft but flexible
  • Reasonable price
  • Aerodynamic dimple design to reduce drag


  • Subpar packaging

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

Callaway is considered a market leader in golf balls and they made golf balls keeping in mind the players with more slow swing speeds.

That’s why we enlisted this model also in our Best Golf Ball For Slow Swing Speed list.

Their Supersoft Golf Balls are extraordinary for novices, women, the old, or any player coming up short on a fast swing.

They have an amazingly low pressure which is the thing that makes them so delicate and perfect for more slow swing speeds.

As indicated by Callaway, they are the gentlest golf balls they have ever constructed and the mildest available.

The fact of the matter is that they are intended to give players a moderate wing velocity to get the most extreme out of their game.

They are accessible in multiple colors including Turquoise, Orange, and Lime.

All the more critically, they have the trademarked Calaway HEX streamlined structure.

This makes them fly further and straighter for most players.

It’s a 2-piece ball with a Polybutadiene delicate core and a Trionomer Blend cover.

These components consolidate to convey an easy-going ball that will assist players with a slower swing speed and without any sacrifices will increase distance.

Moreover, they have a low turn which builds distance, exactness, and absolution.

This is the thing that you need in a golf ball. Also, the price is very reasonable which makes these golf balls more appealing.


  • Very low compression
  • Increases distance for slow swingers
  • Soft feel
  • Great HEX aerodynamics


  • Not perfect for greater players

TaylorMade Project

TaylorMade Project

The TaylorMade Project is the Best Golf Ball For Slow Swing Speed for mid or low handicappers. These famous and exceptionally evaluated balls are intended for slow to medium swing speeds.

The two-layer softballs take into account great distance and give truly necessary control around the greens.

This is an important mix that numerous golf players appreciate.

They’re perfect for mid-handicappers and have another dimple structure with a 322 example to decrease drag.

This makes them progressively precise and builds the distance potential.

The center is delicate and spin is low off the tee while higher around the green makes them increasingly adaptable and reasonable for some players.

The delicate inward core is supplemented by a firm external layer and the urethane cover.

This multi-layer development joined with the materials and dimple configuration has let TaylorMade offer an astounding blend of distance on long shots and control on your short game.

You won’t only have a good run, but also your distance will come from a decent carry.

These balls are currently in their third era and most players confirm that they’re advantageous to their game.

Despite everything offer reasonable value for money they aren’t the cheapest balls on the market.

Overall, the feel is commonly valued and the control should support your short game.

A few golf players may get the spin excessively low on lengthy drives.


  • Ideal for mid or low handicappers
  • Soft feel and aerodynamic
  • Spin optimized
  • Great greenside control


  • Spin is too low on distance shots

Bridgestone E6 Soft Golf Balls

Bridgestone E6 Soft Golf Balls

The last model on our review of the best Golf Ball For Slow Swing Speed is the Wilson Staff DUO.

This golf ball comes with unique engineering and construction that set them apart from other golf balls you’ll find in the market.

This ball features Wilson’s Duo soft spin and Duo soft Optix technologies.

It has an astonishing 29 compression which makes them one of the world’s best softest golf balls. Also, the ball is highly admired for its longest distance performance, low compression, improved dimple patterns, and low driver spin rate.

One of the best features of these golf balls is their shallower dimple patterns and a larger core.

This feature increases the distance covered by the ball as well as the velocity.

Another amazing feature is the two-piece structure that ensures the straightest flights off the tee.

Also, these balls come in an affordable price tag which makes them within the reach of most low swingers.

Overall, the Wilson Staff DUO Optix golf balls provide you exceptional performance in so many ways.

It has an outstanding feel and is one of the best compressions in the industry.

All these features surely make them one of the best golf balls for slow swing speeds.


  • Low compression
  • Longest distance performance
  • 2-piece construction
  • Outstanding feel


  • Not great for short game
Buying GuideBest Golf Ball For Slow Swing Speed

Buying Guide

There’re several key factors that you need to consider when choosing a ball to match golf ball and swing speed with a slow swing.

So, let’s have a quick look at them.

Low Compression 

We’ve talked about this already in our reviews. Usually, players with a moderate swing speed should go for a ball with low pressure, typically around 80.


It’s reasonable that boosting distance or separation is essential to most particularly those with a moderate swing.

Recall that distance, while significant, is just a single part of your round.

Balls concentrated a lot on distance may mean forfeits in different territories especially greenside control.

So, try to look for a ball that will permit you to create a not-too-bad distance with a moderate swing without an excess of decrease in turn and control.


Your debilitation or handicap will give you a reasonable sign of your present aptitude level.

A high handicap player is commonly not that great at forming shots and pitching accurately.

They would need a ball that is adaptable as far as distance and control.

Financial plan 

Golf costs can include. You have to put resources into gear, attire, green fees, and different expenses.

Spending more on one territory will for the most part require a sacrifice on different costs.

At the point when you begin you will find that you lose balls or harm them every so often.

You might not have any desire to put a lot of money in balls at this stage.

Luckily, various choices offer incredible incentives for cash.

So, it’s good to avoid f utilized balls or low spending choices if conceivable and also burn through cash on a ball intended for your swing rate and style that will give you consistency and improved outcomes.

You don’t need to put your money into premium balls at this phase as you will most likely not have the option to get the full advantage of the highlights that makes them costly.

Therefore, if you’re going after one of the more affordable options then you won’t get too upset when a ball is lost or harmed.


This is somewhat of a twofold-edged blade. You need spin yet an excess of will lessen your distances and awful cuts.

Excessively little and you will have less control over your short game and launching will become harder.

The key is to take a gander at your qualities and shortcomings and discover a ball that will work the best for your aptitudes and style.

You have to adjust your decision of golf ball and swing speed.

Golf ball speed vs swing speed 

These two significant angles are not really the equivalent.

While swing speed is significant for distance one can in any case accomplish more noteworthy ball speeds and distance with a more slow swing speed.

Swing speed is the speed the club head is moving right now it reaches the ball.

Ball speed is estimated by the speed at which the focal point of gravity of the ball moves as it leaves the clubface.

While swing rate will influence ball speed it is a long way from the main factor.

Productivity will speed up. At the point when you strike the ball right on target, you diminish side spin and this will prompt higher ball speeds and accordingly distance.

Too steep an assault edge will cause a pointless spin that will lessen the flight infiltration.

The face angle comparative with the flight way additionally impacts side spin and can decrease productivity.

Get these viewpoints right and you will promptly observe an expansion in separation without speeding up.

Golf ball pressure vs swing speed 

Golf ball pressure is somewhat of a riddle to certain players.

It is genuinely direct and essential to comprehend that will help you to choose the right golf balls.

The pressure of a golf ball can be from 70 to 110.

Usually, the lower pressure balls are more qualified to players with a more slow swing speed.

As your swing speed builds, you need to move to a higher-pressure ball.

This will permit you to expand the capability of your swing.

The explanation behind this is these balls have more prominent pressure at impact providing them to discharge more vitality for more distance.

As we referenced above, you may require proficient fitting or some other method to decide your swing speed.

Most learners, women, youngsters, and senior players should begin with a pressure of around 80 and go up as they create more noteworthy swing speeds.

These are general rules and it may be a smart thought to investigate the driving reach with a couple of various compressions every once in a while.


Q) How important is a slow swing speed?

Ans: It’s necessary to know your swing speed as speed isn’t always easy to understand.

Your game can get affect negatively if you get it wrong. To select the right gear for your swing speed, you need to be careful with your driver as well as your ball choice.

Most male golfers swing at around 90 to 95 mph. This means anything less than 90 or 85 speeds would be considered a slow swing.

So, if your speed is below 90 then you’re a slow singer. 

Q) How to determine your swing speed?

Ans: Swing speed can be determined easily thanks to modern technology.

You should take full advantage of some clubs. Also, going for a professional fitting can be a good idea as well.

It’s great to be aware of swing speed and know what to do to increase your efforts.

Q) Which balls won’t get cut up?

Ans: Surlyn also known as ionomer, ionomer, etc. doesn’t get cut up as much compared to the urethane covers which are less durable and will get cut up easily.

You can use the same surlyn covered ball for 3 rounds in a row.

Q) What is the difference between color and white balls?

Ans: There aren’t any differences between color and white balls. It’s actually the way they make you feel. All of them perform the same when coming from the same brand.

However, it’s easier to see color balls. This can give you a small boost of confidence because you can know where the ball goes while the white balls kind of seem to get lost in the air.  

Final Thoughts

We understand the struggle of golfers with slow swing speed.

All of these golf balls are highly recommended by many pro golfers and you will surely have some fun time on the course if you have any of them handy.

The design and construction of these balls are made to help you achieve the distance that you’re unable to achieve with regular golf balls.

They have a softer feel and they will help you optimize the spin, and help you achieve a longer distance.

So, pick the best and enjoy a great day at the golf course. We hope you got all of the details regarding Best Golf Ball For Slow Swing Speed. You can also check out our Best Golf Push Cart Reviews 2020 

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