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[ Top Seven ] Best Golf Ball For Women

It may seem downright sexist to some, however, there are golf balls that are specifically designed for women.

The science behind this is that women generally have slower swing speed and the right ball designed for your speed level will help you attain the most leverage in the game.

We have picked the best golf balls for women out there so that you can take your game to the next level.

All of these balls are specifically tailored for female golfers so that they can deliver their best performance in the green.

Without any further ado, let’s take a look at our top picks for the best golf ball for women.

Best Golf Ball For Women Reviewed & Analyzed

Titleist Velocity Golf Balls

Best Golf Ball For Women

The new Titleist Velocity Golf Balls are engineered with new and more innovative technologies to deliver low spin with faster ball speed on the green.

It has a spherically-tiled 328 tetrahedral design that will enable the player to produce a high flight and long shots with maximum accuracy.

This ball is excellent in terms of looks as well. We understand that women can be very picky, therefore, you’ll get to pick your favorite color as it comes in four different ones.

It features Titleist’s new NaZ+ cover that promotes higher ball speed. The cover helps to prevent wear out and helps to increase resilience as well.   

One of the most notable features of this ball is its softcore. The “high-speed LSX” core is designed to produce quick initial velocity.

These features will come in handy for golfers who prefer low and reduced spin in long-range games.

As mentioned above, the Titleist Velocity Golf Balls is a clear winner for long games.

However, when it comes to short games, you may not get a splendid result.

Overall, these balls are an excellent choice for ladies who’re looking for golf balls with premium performance and a budget-friendly price tag.

Due to all of these reasons we intend to put this product in our best golf ball for women.


  • Comes in a pack of 12
  • Budget-friendly
  • Provides high flight on every shot
  • Softcore
  • Long-lasting


  • Not an ideal choice for short games

Srixon Soft Feel Lady Golf Balls

Srixon Soft Feel Lady Golf Balls

Many times you need to compromise the distance due to the ball’s soft feel.

However, with the Srixon Soft Feel Lady Golf Balls you’ll have no such problem and that’s why we featured it in our best golf ball for women in the second list.

It features a Gradient Growth core that offers exceptional speed as well as distance.

The Energy Gradient Growth core ensures better aerodynamics with less drag on the ball.

The Srixon soft feel ball comes in two different colors: passion pink and pure white.

It comes in a pack of dozen with a super budget-friendly price that will ensure that ladies enjoy their golf games to the fullest.

It has a two-piece construction that’s designed to ensure high trajectory and low spin flight.

The ball comprises 324 dimples with a thin cover of 1.6mm.

The unique dimple patterns help to provide surface coverage and the cover is significantly thinner and lighter than the previous models.

The thin cover helps to generate better spin like many other premium golf balls.

It has a compression rate of 60 which is comparatively lower than the standard 71 ratings.

The low compression rating paired up with the unique dimple design will ensure a higher launch and longer distance at the same time.


  • Affordable
  • Comes in a pack of dozen
  • A unique speed dimple pattern
  • Ensures high trajectory with low spin
  • Two-piece construction with ionomer shell


  • Limited color options

TaylorMade Lady Burner Golf Balls

TaylorMade Lady Burner Golf Balls

TaylorMade is known for making some of the industry-best golf balls and the Lady Burner is a top-notch creation by them.

It’s designed specifically for female golfers so that they can deliver their best performance in the game.

Here we start with the third product from our best golf ball for women list.

TaylorMade did some real effort in terms of design with these golf balls.

They added metallic flakes to the cover and a lavender stamp to act as a style statement.

This will ensure that you deliver your best performance with grace and style.

It has a two-piece construction that offers remarkable durability.

Also, you’ll not need to compromise the distance with this golf ball.

The ball has a sturdy construction and it’s catered towards the players who want the experience of a tour ball with slightly lower spin and more control.

It features a halothane outer cover that enhances resilience and provides a soft feel as well.

However, the soft feel will not affect the durability of the ball and it will last you well throughout the games.

The TaylorMade Lady Burner Golf Balls are suitable for players with low swing speed.

It comes with the innovative LDP technology that minimizes distance loss when you’re playing short games with low spins.


  • Softcover
  • Two-piece sturdy construction
  • Keeps low spin during long shots
  • Aesthetic looks


  • Not suitable for high swing speed

Bridgestone Lady Precept Golf Balls

Bridgestone Lady Precept Golf Balls

The Bridgestone Lady Precept golf balls have been a top seller among all the best golf balls for women list for over a decade.

Bridgestone has done a commendable number of tests to ensure maximum output from their golf balls.

It’s one of the softest balls in the market yet provides a firm feel that made it to our top list.

You’ll be satisfied in terms of design as well since it’s available in pink, white, and yellow.

The price is on the affordable side and it comes in a pack of twelve.

The initial feel on the ball is superb and many even compare it to tour balls.

You’ll hear the nice crisp pop as you hit the ball with the club.

The Bridgestone Lady Precept features a large core that helps to enhance the range and the distance traveled by the ball.

Also, it comes with an ultra-thin cover that ensures a higher lift with greater accuracy.

The Lady Precept has a 330 dimple design that ensures perfect long shots without excessive spin.

The simple design helps to optimize aerodynamics and a higher launch for better distance.

No matter what your expertise level is, you’ll be able to make each shot with utmost accuracy with this one.


  • Unique design with a soft feel
  • Comes in multiple colors
  • Ensures higher launch with a lower spin rate
  • Optimum balance between distance and control


  • Slightly dense design

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls

If you’re looking for a golf ball with great spin and distance then this baby is the one for you. This will offer you precision and speed at the same.

It has a lightweight construction with a fast core design and for this reason, it cannot be led off from our best golf ball for women list.

The ball comes in three different colors and it’s a top choice by many pro players out there.

It has a three-piece construction with a 352 unique dimple design that gives it a spherically-tiled tetrahedral shape.

It delivers excellent performance that will help you take your game to the next level.

The core of the ball helps to enhance spin without affecting the performance of the ball.

The outer layer of the core is stiffer than before, however, Titleist has kept the same level of softness in the center.

The cover of the Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls is made with a thermostat urethane that’s known for its incredible control.

The cast urethane is 17% thinner than regular covers which helps to reduce the spin during long shots.

You can cover excellent long shots with this ball and the best part is, its unique Drop-and-Stop control mechanism makes it equally good for short games.


  • Extraordinary control on long shots
  • Spherically-tiled dimple design
  • Comes in a dozen pack
  • Three different colors


  • Expensive

Callaway Super Soft Pink Ball 

Callaway Super Soft Pink Ball

Callaway golf balls are highly praised for their control and distance.

Women golfers are more inclined towards softballs and this one is a great suit for them.

It contains all the right features to help you take your game to the next level.

It can be counted as one of the most popular best golf balls for women.

Also, the pink color of the ball is the cherry on top for the female golfers.

However, Callaway has come with some new color options like lime green, turquoise, and optical yellow to offer better visibility during the game.

The ball has a two-piece construction with a unique dimple design that helps with the aerodynamics as well.

It features a Tri-sonometer shell that gives the soft feel with a low compression rate making it a perfect choice for the ladies who’re all about distance during the game.

The Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls have a slow spin rate that will enable the player to have an advantage in long-shot games.

Low-speed club swingers will find them to be super helpful as the features will help to improve their performance.

Overall, it’s a great choice for the players who’re looking for a versatile golf ball at a budget-friendly price.


  • Bright vibrant colors for better visibility
  • Good value for money
  • Sails through the air effortlessly
  • Low compression rate
  • Soft feel
  • Sturdy two-piece construction


  • The low compression rate makes it harder to control on grass

Wilson Hope 12 Ball Ladies Golf Balls

Wilson Hope 12 Ball Ladies Golf Balls

It will be a crime to not have a Wilson golf ball on the list as they’re one of the pioneers in the industry.

The Wilson Hope 12 Ball Ladies Golf Balls are synonymous with power and control at the same time. Its high-quality construction with durable built quality has made it one of the top choices on the list.

It has a soft construction that will help you make long-distance shots with a low swing spin.

Also, you will experience less spin when the ball is in the air.

Thanks to its innovative dimple design, the aerodynamics of the ball helps to reduce the drag when it sails through the air.

It has a two-piece construction that will help you make shots with the utmost accuracy.

You’ll be glad to know that a portion earned from this ball will go into a foundation for breast cancer.

It contains a pink ribbon on the side that acts as a symbol for their commitment to breast cancer. You can have a rewarding feeling as you participate in a great cause while improving your skills on the golf course. 


  • Suitable for beginners
  • Comes in a pack of 12
  • Durable construction
  • Donates to the Breast Cancer foundation
  • Easy to find on the course for the vibrant color


  • Slightly expensive

Buying Guide: Thing to Consider Before the Purchase

Buying Guide: Thing to Consider Before the Purchase

Along with your playing skills, a good golf ball will help you take your game to the next level.

You need to understand the anatomy of the ball and its construction to get your hands on the best match.

Well, now that we have covered the best golf balls for women out there, let’s take a look at the important factors that you should consider before purchasing the golf balls from our best golf ball for women list.


The core is the mitochondria of the ball. It’s the power center that has a significant effect on the performance of the golf ball.

The spin rate, compression, speed, and many other factors are highly dependable on the quality of the core.


The construction of the ball determines how it will react when it comes in contact with the club.

Manufacturers are constantly trying to bring innovation in the construction of the ball to make enhance their performance.


Golf balls with one-piece construction are the most basic ones.

They’re also less expensive as they’re primarily designed for beginners.

These balls are made with Surlyn and they have quite a long-lasting build quality.

They have a softer construction which results in a low compression rate as well.


Two-piece golf balls are also beginner-friendly and they’re suitable for novice players who want to take their game up a notch.

They have a large core design that helps to maximize the distance while reducing spins.

The core is mostly made with resin or high-energy acrylate.

The cover is usually made with plastic and other strong material to extend the durability of the ball.


The compression of a golf ball is referred to as how much the ball compresses during its impact with the golf club.

Compressions ratings vary widely among the golf balls, however, a rating above 100 is considered decent enough for skilled golfers with high swing speed.

Golfers with slower swing speed should opt for a ball that has a rating of 90 or below.

Golf balls with lower compression ratings are considerably softer and compress more to offer better distance.

On the other hand, balls with higher compression ratings are easier to control and produce faster swing speed.


Tour balls

Tour performance balls are multi-layered and they’re designed for professional and experienced players.

The layers help to enhance the control that helps the golfer to create added spin on the green. Also, it helps to enhance the spin control over long shots.


Softballs have a low compression rating and they’re more suitable for novice players.

Low compression helps to reduce the spin upon impact and helps to generate straighter flight without much spin.


These golf balls also have a multi-layer design with a large center core.

The large core helps to increase the carry rate while reducing the spin rate.


Different golf balls come with different spin rates and each has its own merits and demerits.

High spin

When the ball is hit, a high spin ball will increase its spin rate and elongate the carry time.

These balls are an excellent choice for the players who hit the ball right to left with a draw.

Low Spin

Low spin golf balls help to minimize the side spin of the shot that enables you to shoot straighter shots.

The distance achieved with such a ball isn’t much, however, they roll more upon landing.

Mid Spin

Mid spin golf balls combine the best of both worlds and they’re suitable for players with varying levels of expertise.

You can achieve a higher distance with a lower spin rate with these balls.

How to Clean a Golf Ball

Golf balls need to go through a lot during the game.

They’re constantly beaten to the clubface and rolled in the dirt.

It doesn’t take long to accumulate grime and debris after going through all these.

Many golfers don’t emphasize the cleaning process which is one of the core reasons for the short lives of the golf balls.

We have come up with a clear guide to help you out with this overall process.

Step One 

The first step of the cleaning process is to get all the necessary tools that you’ll need.

Get a golf ball cleaner, a bucket, scrubbing tools, and a clean towel.

Once you have gathered all the necessary supplies, soak the ball in a cleaning agent.

You can use a mild dishwashing agent or detergent for this job.

However, make sure that the chemicals in the cleaning agent are not too harsh to

Step Two 

Fill the bucket with lukewarm water and add some cleaning agent to it.

Now dip the ball in the water and let it soak for 15-30 minutes then scrub gently with a brush.

You can also throw the ball into the washer if you’re short on time.

Final Step

You need to ensure that the ball is properly dried down.

Wipe off all the water from the towel and make sure that there is no water stuck on the dimples.

Don’t keep the golf balls wet for too long as that may deteriorate the outer layer condition.


Q. Why do golf balls have dimples?

Ans: The science behind the dimples on a golf ball is the drag force.

The air contains moisture particles and when the ball is shot, those moisture particles along with the air try to lower down the speed of the ball.

The dimples help to bounce back the moisture particles and help to retain the speed.

Q. Will, it affects my performance if the ball is damaged?

Ans: A slight damage to the ball will not hamper your performance.

However, if there is a cut or a massive dent then it will mess up the aerodynamics of the ball and not provide a satisfactory result.

Q. How do colored golf balls help in the game?

Ans: Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, colored golf balls have some other purposes to serve as well.

The color of the ball will help you easily find your one among the others on the golf course.

You’ll get to have better visibility on the ball as well.

Q. Do women need different golf balls than men?

Ans: There are no rules, however, the women’s golf balls generally have a softer feel as it is assumed that women generally have a slower swing speed than men.

The balls are designed so that women can practice and enhance their skills at the same time.

Also, they’re available in many vibrant colors that are not generally available on men’s golf balls.

Q. What is the ideal compression rate?

Ans: The compression rate determines how much the ball will compress when it’s hit by the clubface.

Well, there is not a certain ideal rate as it depends more on the preference and the playing style of each player.

Q. Are softballs better than hard balls?

Ans: This criteria also depends on your skills and level of expertise.

If you have a low swing speed then you should opt for a softball.

On the other hand, if you have high swing speed then you can go for hard balls. 

Final Thoughts 

Your skills are surely important but good golf balls will definitely help you take your performance up a notch.

Many people tend to avoid the importance of the golf ball and focus on the game.

However, tons of professional players have pointed out the importance of having good golf balls to improve and excel in the game.

We have gathered some of the best golf balls for women in the market with a varying range of prices so that you can find your best match.

So, pick your best match and be ready to have a great golfing experience.

We hope now you can choose the right golf ball after going through our best golf ball for women’s review.

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