Best Golf Balls for Seniors

Best Golf Balls for Seniors ( All Seniors Must Know)

One of the best ways to relieve your stress nowadays is to go golfing. Golfing is quite a popular sport amongst the seniors in our society.

This is because the dynamics of this amazing sport are really not that hard to understand at all.

On top of that, you get to ride in a smooth caddy while being able to look out at the vast greenery. What more can you ask for when you want to just spend the day relaxing with a couple of loved ones or even by yourself alone?

Once out on the golf field, you will find every person to come with their own gears and unique styles.

Every golfer prefers using their very own golf balls for playing, as the balls are rather personal to them.

The weight, shape, brand, material, etc of the golf ball plays a great role in determining how your golfing experience is going to turn out to be.

Best Golf Balls for Seniors

It is easy to find general golf balls, but finding the best golf balls for seniors can be a tad bit harder.

Seniors require golfing balls that they will feel the most comfortable with, hence not every golf ball will cater to their needs. But which one should you go for?

Well, do not worry about that and leave the hard part to us. In this article today, we are going to review some of the best golf balls for seniors.

We will make sure to include a convenient buying guide and frequently asked questions section as well, so you can learn more about golf balls in general.

Anyways, let us not waste any more time and get into the reviews right away!

Best Golf Balls for Seniors 

#1 Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Balls (in a pack of 15)

Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Balls (in a pack of 15)

The model we are reviewing today sports 15 bright orange-colored balls.

This budget-friendly package is the best starter pack for inexperienced seniors.

The golf balls are constructed with a two-piece titanium core which makes the balls really sturdy and strong while maximizing their energy storage potential by great numbers.

The titanium core makes sure the golf balls are equally balanced overall so that they do not start spinning too much out of the ordinary.

The core provides enhanced stability to the balls so that they can fight against the wind and travel faster and much more accurately.

The aerodynamic design of these symmetrically balanced Nitro Golf Balls for seniors allows players to go for longer shots.

The symmetrical design will increase the lift of the balls as well.

You will be glad to know that these Nitro golf balls are covered with Dupont Lithium Surlyn, which provides the balls with almost an indestructible outer shell.

The outer layer on the product keeps the balls safe from external abrasions and dents when it is being hit hard with a club or swing with your golf club.

Alongside being almost indestructible, these golf balls for seniors are approved by the USGA, which states that this package of golf balls is eligible to be played with on every golfing level, be it for beginner rounds or elite-level rounds.

The entire package containing the 15 balls weighs only 1.2 pounds, therefore giving you a brief idea about how lightweight each of the golf balls actually is.

The compression on these golf balls is termed to be approximately 90.

Why you should get these golf balls:

This package of 15 golf balls is a great buy for first-timer seniors.

The bright orange color makes the balls super easy to spot in the distance, so seniors will not have to strain their eyes at all while trying to find the balls after hitting them.

On top of that, this package is really budget-friendly but constructed of high-quality materials. You cannot really go wrong with a product as amazing and high-end as this package.


  • Light weight golf balls
  • Strong and sturdy outer shell
  • Balanced inner core
  • Extremely budget friendly.


  • A few customers reported that the outer shell is not as durable as the manufacturer claims it to be.

#2 Callaway Chrome Soft X Golf Balls (in a pack of 12)

Callaway Chrome Soft X Golf Balls (in a pack of 12

The golf balls manufactured by this amazing company are high quality, strong and durable and boast some of the best features found in golfing gears for seniors.

The Callaway golf balls for seniors in a pack of 12 come incorporated with an unforgiving and patented Graphene Dual Soft Fast Core which gives the balls amazing balance and flight stability once it is up in the air.

Callaway made sure to include the newly innovated Triple Track Tech into the making of these shiny white golf balls, hence improving their alignment and accuracy for enhanced putter activity.

The previously mentioned triple track technology also combines the patented Vernier Hyper Acuity that guarantees high performance from its golf balls, by successfully increasing its aerodynamic activities.

With a new and maximized inner core, these golf balls can easily compress extra energy inside of them so that there is a decrease in the spinning, but an increase in the distance coverage. You can expect these golf balls to go exactly where you want to send them.

The exterior is covered with a super soft tour-urethane material which makes the golf balls feel extremely comfortable on the hands.

The urethane material also promotes higher distance coverage and minimizes spinning while the ball is in the air.

You will be glad to know that this pack of the 12 best golf balls for seniors weighs only 9.6 ounces altogether.

Therefore you can easily guess how lightweight each of the individual golf balls really is.

But do not let the weight of the golf balls fool you into thinking that this package only consists of low-quality products.

Why you should get these golf balls:

This Callaway golf ball package is the perfect choice for seniors who already have quite a few good years of playing experience under their sleeves. The balls are also lightweight.

The dual inner core provides the golf balls with amazing balance and stability, so you do not have to hold them back when playing at all. Even though the soft urethane outer cover also feels super smooth and comfortable to hold, it also protects the balls from external damages.


  • Smooth and comfortable exterior
  • Strong dual inner core.


  • This package of 12 golf balls for seniors is not too budget friendly however it is still totally worth the purchase!

#3 Vice Golf Tour Balls (in a pack of 12)

Vice Golf Tour Balls (in a pack of 12)

These incredible golf balls feature a strong outer shell made of Dupont Surlyn material.

This material is known to be a part of the highly advanced and innovated Ethylene Copolymers family.

The outer shell is impeccably resilient and strong, showing zero signs of breaking and denting no matter how hard you hit it with your club.

On top of that, the dimpled exterior provides a pleasant feel to the hand too.

Speaking of which, the increased number of dimples on these golf balls improve the aerodynamics (termed as 392) of the product greatly, which results in a much smoother and stable trajectory once the ball is already flying to its destination.

The dimpled structure also works well against crosswinds, keeping the ball in its place without spinning too much.

These golf balls come equipped with a super visible putting line which will assist you in making precise and accurate adjustments before you make your shot.

This Vice Tour Golf balls package of 12 for seniors has a lightweight of only 1 pound.

The total width of the package is around 5.5 inches approximately while the total height is around 1.75 inches only.

The entire box has a total and approximate length of 7.5 inches only.

Most customers have claimed the distance coverage of these golf balls to be amazing in their own rights.

Sure, they did also mention how the golf balls are a bit too hard during impact, but the large distance coverage kind of makes up for the only drawback that we could find in this brand and its package of 12 golf balls.

You will find the brand logo engraved on the top of the golf balls, in shiny black color and cursive fonts. The simple outlook of the balls makes them seem classier and chicer.

Why you should get these golf balls:

This pack of 12 Vice Golf balls is the one you should invest in if you want something to practice your shots with before you move onto the big deals.

The budget-friendliness alongside the unique characteristics of the golf balls makes this package a top choice for customers who want something that will allow them to hone their golfing skills.


  • Light weight golf balls
  • Very budget friendly package.


  • The only downside to this product has to be how the golf balls feel too hard upon impact.

#4 BRIDGESTONE Golf E6 Balls (in a pack of 12)

BRIDGESTONE Golf E6 Balls (in a pack of 12)

This pack of the 12 best golf balls for seniors comes in a range of 2 different colors to choose from, such as yellow and pure white.

This budget-friendly golf balls pack can be easily afforded for under $30.

The E6 golf balls for seniors are super high performance, yet they come with a soft external feel.

These lightweight golf balls are designed with extra Delta dimples to make the balls more stable during flight.

These golf balls are constructed with only the highest quality material, combined with a highly strong core that makes sure that there is a minimal amount of spin once the ball is hit with a golf club.

The newly designed shell and mantle on these golf balls guarantee better accuracy and efficiency out on the tee.

A lot of customers have claimed that these golf balls are the straightest they have ever hit.

There is less amount of spin to the balls, but it is not too heavy at all.

The golf balls also come with amazing biting power and better field coverage so you can go really far when playing.

You will be glad to know that the BRIDGESTONE E6 golf balls pack weighs only 1.4 pounds, which gives you an accurate idea of what each of the balls weighs individually.

They are lightweight, yet really sturdy and will also reach the exact destination you want them to travel to.

Why you should get these golf balls:

The BRIDGESTONE E6 golf balls are really budget-friendly while boasting a few of the most incredible features.

This pack of the twelve best golf balls for seniors comes equipped in a vibrant yellow color (which is almost neon).

The vibrancy makes it easier for seniors to quickly spot where their golf ball flew off too.

We really like the newly innovated DELTA dimples on these golf balls, as it changes up the entire aerodynamics of the product.

You can expect these E6 golf balls to have more balance in the air, while the strong inner core provides enhanced stability whenever you make your shot.


  • These golf balls are really light weight
  • Strong outer mantle and cover shell
  • Budget friendly.


  • The color of the golf balls is termed as yellow however it is more on the neon green side, so do not get surprised when you receive your package.

#5 Wilson Staff Fifty Golf Balls (a dozen)

Wilson Staff Fifty Golf Balls (a dozen)

This budget-friendly pack of golf balls can be found in a variety of four different colors to choose from.

The model we are reviewing today sports a bright yellow colored exterior with the brand logo on the front.

These golf balls come with a highly aggressive core which provides players with the best response and resistance once out on the field.

The newly developed dimples on each golf ball now have an almost flat design, which enhances the total aerodynamics of the golf balls.

Since the dimples are now shallow, you can expect improved rip through the air as well as more flight stability.

The aggressive inner core balances out the entire golf ball, keeping it on the right path at all times. You will be able to hit straight every single time.

The new Fifty model is very convenient for golfers who prefer durability over everything else.

The side-pack plastic on each golf ball gives the entire product an increase in its longevity.

Coming to the inner core of the golf balls, you will find the balls to be approximately 22 percent softer and more durable than their competitors.

This is due to the new rubber yield which gives the golf balls their textured finesse.

Even though these golf balls are super budget-friendly, you can still expect premium performance from this pack.

These best golf balls for seniors are the top choice for beginners on the tee.

Rest assured, hitting the greenside will not be too hard after all.

Why you should get these golf balls:

First of all, we love the bright yellow cover shell on this pack of golf balls.

The color makes spotting the balls on the tee a piece of cake.

Other than that, the aggressive and responsive inner core is something to marvel at.

The innovative flat dimples make the golf balls really stable during flight.

You get the best performance from these golf balls but for half the price!

The outer shell keeps the golf balls safe from external damages such as cuts and dents.

Before we forget to mention, know that this pack of 12 golf balls weigh only 1 pound.

Therefore each of the golf balls weighs even less.


  • Strong rubber inner core is very lively and aggressive
  • Budget friendly purchase
  • Vibrant outer shell color.


  • Unfortunately these balls do not decrease the amount of spins that much.

#6 MG Golf Balls for Seniors (dozen)

MG Golf Balls for Seniors (dozen)

With three different colors to choose from, this pack of the best golf balls for seniors can be found well under 30 dollars.

These MG golf balls are famous for being able to cover very long distances within a short period of time.

The golf balls also fly much higher than most other golf balls, hence they are perfect for senior players who prefer going all out while playing.

The MG golf balls are a hit among seniors who like playing with young people while hitting longer and much more aggressive shots. With these golf balls in your gear, you can easily keep up with your teammates and get to the greenside without falling behind.

However, you should note that these gold balls are not certified under the USGA at all. In fact, they are not legal for tournament play under any circumstances.

They are purely made for entertainment purposes.

There is no difference between the balls for specific genders as this pack is termed unisex. Therefore anyone can make use of this pack.

The manufacturer claims that these golf balls feel much hotter off of the face and that they also provide a sound that people do not really hear anymore when playing golf.

 In short, MG golf balls bring back memories of old times and hit you with a wave of nostalgia while on the tee, which we are sure most seniors will love.

The inner core of each golf ball is strong and dense, providing maximum stability and balance when up in the air.

The tough cover shell protects the ball from external damage, no matter what kind of weather condition you are playing under.

Why you should get these golf balls:

These are the perfect golf balls for seniors who wish to keep up with youngsters and hit further than they have ever before.

These balls are amazing when it comes to covering large distances within a short time.

The bright color on the balls is easy to spot with the naked eye.

The strong and durable outer shell makes the balls almost indestructible when it comes to external damages.


  • High quality inner core
  • Easy to spot on the tee
  • Light weight
  • Budget friendly.


  • A few customers claimed that they received defected products so you need to be aware of that and reach out for customer service as soon as possible.

#7 Precept 2017 Laddie Golf Balls (in a pack of 24)

Precept 2017 Laddie Golf Balls (in a pack of 24)

Even though this pack is super duper budget-friendly, the amount of golf balls you will receive is insane! These incredibly budget-friendly golf balls sport a simple and minimalistic white color on the exterior.

However, we think the color could actually be one of its downsides as it can be hard to spot something white and tiny as a golf ball on a vast golf field.

The strong and aggressive inner core is a patented Velocity muscle fiber.

The core is said to be enhanced to provide players with better stability and balance while playing.

You will find these strong synthetic golf balls to be covered with a newly developed touch control ionomer shell which allows you to easily navigate the balls once they are already up in the air.

These golf balls also come with a manufacturer warranty period so that is obviously a positive bonus.

The simple design (termed as 372) on these golf balls allows for better and larger distance coverage so that seniors can easily keep up with the youngsters on the tee.

The denser inner core works to eliminate all chances of unnecessary spin on the balls so that you get a straighter line every time.

Even though the rest of the features are extremely great and impressive, we still think the most noteworthy part of this pack has to be the high number of golf balls.

You can easily test out the golf balls on the tee without having to worry about losing them all while playing. You get more than a dozen to practice with!

Why you should get these golf balls:

We definitely think you should get this pack if you are someone who keeps losing his or her golf balls whenever playing.

The large variety of golf balls will allow you to test out your accuracy in shooting more comfortably.

The innovative dimple design provides enhanced distance coverage, without the player having to do anything at all…well, except just hitting the golf ball with the club.

The ball itself will take care of the rest.


  • Easy to maneuver
  • Strong inner core
  • Budget friendly product
  • The package comes with more than a dozen golf balls
  • Amazing distance coverage.


  • A few customers claimed that these balls are a bit tough on the exterior, which does not feel too good sometimes.

#8 TaylorMade Noodle Long Golf Balls (in a pack of 15)

TaylorMade Noodle Long Golf Balls (in a pack of 15)

This famous brand has come up with a really fantastic pack of the 15 best golf balls for seniors currently out on the market.

Not only are the golf balls made of high-quality materials and boast amazing features, but the pack itself is also quite budget friendly so anyone can afford this.

These golf balls come equipped with a soft yet aggressive impact propulsion inner core which works to keep the balls flying through the air with enhanced balance and stability.

The outer shell is constructed with a strong but still soft and durable urethane cover.

You get to cover a large distance with these affordable golf balls as they slice through the air with amazing speed and power.

The first hit with the club releases a lot of heat which later on results in a highly powerful golf ball coursing through the air to get to its destination.

These golf balls provide a moderate amount of air resistance as well so you can play with these on the field even under harsh weather conditions.

However, do note that these golf balls are not made to be played in tournaments as they are perfect only for casual golfing sessions.

The shallow dimples on the golf balls provide enhanced air resistance and in-flight stability. Even though there is decreased spin on the golf balls once it is up in the air, you can expect the balls to spin more on the greenside so that you get to par more easily.

Why you should get these golf balls:

These golf balls come with durable urethane covers which efficiently protect the balls from external damage.

We think this pack of 15 golf balls is ideal for both first-timer and experienced golfers who just want to have a fun and enjoyable time on the tee.

There is also a good amount of spin on the greenside so you can expect the golf balls to get to where you want them to reach more easily.

The flat and shallow dimple design on the golf balls provides enhanced stability so that the golf balls follow a straighter line after being hit by your club.


  • Strong core
  • Increased number of spinning on the greenside of the tee
  • Budget friendly.


  • A few customers claimed that the weighting of the golf balls seemed a bit off.

#9 Callaway Golf Supersoft balls (a pack of 12)

Callaway Golf Supersoft balls (a pack of 12)

We are back with yet another pack of the 12 best golf balls for seniors manufactured by Callaway. This amazing package can be found in a range of different colors to choose from, for a really budget-friendly and worthy price tag.

These Callaway golf balls come with strong and dense inner cores of super-low compression.

The low compression of the inner core promotes an increase in speed and stability so that the balls can travel more accurately to where you want them to go.

You will find these golf balls to come equipped with the new patented Drag HEX aerodynamics technology which works to efficiently enhance the flight stability of the golf balls.

On top of that, the patented technology also eliminates drag on the balls, hence making sure that they do not start slowing down once they hit the greenside.

You can also expect enhanced distance coverage on these golf balls.

Even though these balls are not for tournament purposes, you can still have a lot of fun with them while golfing casually with a bunch of friends and family members.

The newly developed trigonometry cover formation on the balls provides golfers with better control and navigation over their golf balls, so you can exactly know where the ball will travel to once you hit them.

The Callaway supersoft golf balls come equipped with a 2 piece construction, therefore being soft and lightweight at the same time.

They are also very durable and will stay in good shape for a long number of years.

You can find this pack of 12 golf balls in the following colors: Yellow, matte white, hot pink, and multicolored at once.

Why you should get these golf balls:

Callaway always makes sure to produce only high-performance golf balls, and this pack of 12 is no exclusion to that claim.

The Supersoft golf balls are made of only the softest ionomer material for the cover.

The 2 piece construction decreases heaviness while promoting enhanced speed and accuracy in flight.


  • High quality built
  • Strong inner core
  • 2 piece design
  • Light weight


  • A few customers claimed that not all of the color choices are great since the white colored model is very hard to spot. Hence, try to go for the yellow or hot pink models.

#10 Titleist DT Trusoft Golf Balls (in a pack of 12)

Titleist DT Trusoft Golf Balls (in a pack of 12)

Our last product of the day is this amazing pack of 12 golf balls by Titleist.

These vibrant golf balls can be found in a range of 3 different colors to choose from.

We are going to review the white-colored model today. The package is also quite inexpensive.

These golf balls come with a super low compression inner core called the TruTouch Core which works to enhance the stability and balance of the golf balls.

You can easily deliver these balls and expect minimal spin, both in the air and on the tee.

The TruTouch Core also promotes higher distance coverage so you do not have to go all hard with the first shot to make the golf balls fly higher.

On top of that, you will find these golf balls for seniors to come with the brand-new patented

TruFlex outer cover which decreases the amount of spin on the tee, while protecting the golf balls from every kind of external damage and impact.

The feel of the golf balls on the greenside will also be much softer, thanks to the new and innovative outer shell.

Furthermore, the TruFlight technology on these golf balls guarantees a faster response rate for every shot being made.

The highly advanced aerodynamics of these golf balls are very impressive, as they strictly meet every kind of expectation a golfer might have.

However, these golf balls do not come with any warranty period whatsoever.

The golf balls however are very lightweight individually speaking, as the total package weighs approximately a pound only.

Why you should get these golf balls:

Obviously, this package is a really high-quality one, which you can easily figure out by yourself when judging by the range of different features it comes with.

But we think you should definitely get this package as it is perfect for experienced golfers.

The golf balls are really consistent while performing, so you can quickly decide how to hit the ball every time to ensure the perfect shot.

The inner core of each ball is very strong and dense, providing amazing amounts of stability and balance to the golf balls.


  • Light weight
  • Budget friendly
  • Strong and durable outer shell.


  • Unfortunately a product as amazing as this package does not come with a warranty period.

We also covered an article regarding  Best Golf Ball For Women, feel free to read.

Buying Guide For Best Golf Balls for Seniors

Buying guide

Now that we have reached the end of our product reviews, let us take a quick look at some of the key factors you need to keep in mind before you place an order for your choice of golf ball for seniors.

We will only be mentioning some of the basic factors you need to consider whenever you shop for golf balls for seniors.


High-quality golf balls will be made of strong materials such as urethane, synthetic, etc.

You still need to keep in mind that the material should not make the golf balls too heavy or else they can be really hard to maneuver.


The inner core plays a great role in determining how a golf ball will function once you already hit it with your club.

The core needs to be dense yet soft, allowing you to hit it softly. But the result will include the golf ball flying much higher and faster, hence covering greater amounts of ground within a short period of time.


Since we are on the topic of golf balls for seniors, you should keep in mind that there could be visual issues when dealing with plain white golf balls.

This is why whenever you are checking out golf balls for seniors, make sure to go for the balls that come with brightly colored shell covers, such as neon yellow, neon green, or neon orange.

White and red are a little hard to spot on the tee, and those with visual problems might just assume the golf ball to be lost, hence wasting away a perfectly fine golf ball for no reason at all.


The brand is also something to take into account whenever shopping for golf balls as a first-timer. Most of the products we reviewed today are manufactured by amazingly well-known brands, however, they are not overly priced either.

This is because high-quality products do not necessarily need to be expensive to appear elite to a market.

Likewise, you should also not get duped into buying the wrong product just because it seemed very expensive.

You can easily afford high-quality golf balls with a range of unique features without having to break the bank every single time.


Go for dimpled golf balls as they are much more accurate and travel higher as well as further than smooth golf balls.

This is because the aerodynamics of dimpled golf balls is much more advanced than smooth golf balls.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do golf balls come with dimpled shells?

The dimples in the shells are there for a very important reason, mainly to create a rather thin turbulent covering over the ball, to allow the golf ball to fly for a much longer period and cover a larger distance.

There is also a reduced amount of spin when a golf ball is properly dimpled.

2. Are dimpled golf balls better than smooth ones?

Yes, dimpled golf balls are much better than smooth ones because they have a rather enhanced aerodynamic working in their favor, hence they can go much further than smooth golf balls could ever go.

The speed to reach the greenside is also much faster for dimpled golf balls.


In summary, we think golfing for seniors should be a fun sport and not something to sweat buckets about.

Therefore the golf balls for seniors should be of only the best quality as well.

Without high-quality golf balls, you cannot expect to have a fun and enjoyable time keeping up with the youngsters on the tee.

We hope the golf balls we mentioned today will allow you to enjoy covering large distances with the young golfers in your team.

We tried to include only the best products for you, so we really hope you liked them. Thanks a lot for sticking to the end with us!

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