Best Golf Courses In Arizona

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Arizona is a place where you can play golf at any time of the year. It has a dry climate which makes it very suitable for golfers. The winter here is actually the best time for playing golf in Arizona. Apparently, the state knows that what it can do well, it should not do for free. So, it makes most out of the weather and landscape it has been blessed with- by offering a lot of golf courses you can play on.

With so many options, it definitely becomes difficult to choose the best. You definitely do not have the time to visit all the best courses. So, let’s check out the few best golf courses in Arizona. These few will give you a taste of all the bests.

Best Golf Courses in Arizona Reviewed

Best Golf Courses in Arizona Reviewed

Troon North Golf Club.

Troon North Golf Club

The Troon North Golf Club is the most famous golf club in Arizona. In fact, it is famous worldwide because even

the PGA Tour takes place here at times. It offers you two courses. Both the courses take you through the Sonoran Desert and give you views that will stay with you long after you leave this place.

You will also experience what the professional golfers have and walk in their footsteps. Apart from that, the course layout will also give you thrills when playing. The elevations, the rough, the bunkers, the green- all will be dedicated to sharpening your skills.

Dinosaur Mountain Course. 

Dinosaur Mountain Course

If you want a panoramic view of the desert around the Dinosaur mountain then this is the golf course you should check out. You will feel like you have escaped the world for a bit and entered a video game. The course can be considered difficult for the slopes and the overall layout. But, players of all skill levels will have no trouble playing on it.

Other than that, you will find prices that suit your budget. But, you will have to check the time and offers quite carefully when booking your flight.

Quintero Gold Club. 

Quintero Gold Club

Tired of the deserts of Arizona and want some green and blue to fill up your golfing world? Then, the Quintero Golf Club will bring you different scenery that will soothe your mind. In fact, it has quite a few water bunkers and a lot of green trees. So, you can get some shade when you want to take a breath.

Apart from that, this golf course is quite difficult. You won’t have a lot of long shots to take but you will surely have to calculate very carefully when taking your shots. This golf course will completely engage your mind.

Talon Course. 

Talon Course

You have to make the most out of what you have and Talon Course takes this quote quite seriously. In fact, it has a 6973- yard course which is known for one unique feature- the position of the pin changes daily. It’s like the maze in Harry Potter where the participants in the goblet of Fire are faced with a different challenge at different corners. So, if you want to have new challenges to face and to calculate in different ways daily- the Talon course is for you. You won’t even have to go a distance and find another course to get a different difficulty level. This course has it all.

Whirlwind Golf Club. 

Whirlwind Golf Club

The Whirlwind Golf Club is another famous golf club in Arizona because it has held tournaments like the US Amateur. You can expect the course to be well-maintained and with a standard difficulty level that golfers of any handicap can play on. What makes the Whirlwind golf club stand out is its driving range and short-game practice place.

If you want to sharpen your skills before or after a round at the course then this club is the perfect place to be at. You can challenge yourself in different ways on the practice green and get better results in the course.

Raven Golf Club. 

Raven Golf Club

Arizona’s geographical map may make you think it lacks out on green and blue. But, it actually has more to offer you. The Raven golf club takes you out of yellow Arizona which is full of the desert sand. You experience well-maintained greens and fairway along with remarkable water bunkers to cross.

Some of the holes will amaze you with their green beauty. Of course, the water bunkers will also help you deal with your fears and get better at golf. It is located in South Phoenix.

We-Po-Ka Golf Club- Saguaro Course.

We-Po-Ka Golf Club- Saguaro Course

Do you want to avoid riding carts and just walk the grounds? Then, the Saguaro golf course may be the one you are looking for. In fact, the distance between the tees and the last green is very short so you won’t even think about using a cart.

It is not a long golf course so you will find obstacles along the way that can make the course slightly difficult. However, the green and grass are well-maintained and this small space is quite beautiful to play in. It is a particularly great option for older players who don’t want to walk a lot but should get some exercise.

Wickenburg Golf Course. 

Wickenburg Golf Course

Want to dedicate your whole day to golf? Then, the Wickenburg golf course may be the one for you. Apparently, you need to take a short trip to reach the place and that’s what makes it so special.

Furthermore, the course is quite long with a playful layout. You will definitely enjoy the challenges it offers. Of course, it will keep the stress of your life away because it is a scenic beauty that occupies your mind.

Final Words

Arizona has the perfect weather for golf and the golf clubs here have utilized it perfectly but differently. Some have more desert views, some water, some green. You need to take your pick. Furthermore, not all clubs have mastered the art of satisfying golfers. So, pick from the few tops based on what you prefer

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