Best Golf Courses In Florida

[ Top 5 ] Best Golf Courses In Florida [ Read before you land In Florida ]

Florida is one of the hottest tourist destinations in the United States.

It is home to the most stunning beaches and the most exciting amusement parks, so it’s certainly a destination where the whole family can have fun.

But if you prefer a more relaxing vacation, Florida also has activities for you.

The state is home to more than 1250 golf courses, so you’ll surely get to practice your putts and swings when you fly by.

With the many choices available, we understand that you might find it hard to choose where to go when you want to play golf.

And fortunately for you, we made the search much easier for you. Here are the 5 best golf courses in Florida that you should try on your next vacation.

5 Best Golf Courses In Florida.

Best Golf Courses In Florida

PGA National Golf Club – The Champion Golf Course

PGA National Golf Club - The Champion Golf Course

For the golfer who is looking for a challenge, you’ll surely have fun teeing off at The Champion Golf Course at the PGA National Golf Club.

This 18-hole course sprawls for around 7,140 yards with spacious greens and stunning landscaping.

Each hole comes with challenges that test every skill that a golfer should have.

Unlike most course layouts, the holes on The Champion snakes through the area to make the game a lot challenging for the players.

Of the many challenges that The Champion offers, the most famous is The Bear Trap.

This legendary challenge spans between holes 15 and 17, which tests the players’ precision and strategy.

Designed by The Golden Bear Jack Nicklaus, The Bear Trap is one of the reasons why professional golfers visit this course.

Nevertheless, players of all levels are welcome to golf at The Champion.

It has five sets of tees, which allows players to tee off where they’re most comfortable.

For its impressive design and demanding challenges, The Champion proves to be one of the best golf courses in Florida.

And the fact that it offers stunning views over its landscape makes the game more enjoyable.

Tiburon Golf Club – The Black Course

Tiburon Golf Club - The Black Course

If you happen to be in Naples, then you might want to swing by the Tiburon Golf Club.

This golf club is home to two top-rated golf courses – The Black and The Gold. Both offer a stretch of well-maintained turf that promises a memorable game.

But of the two, we believe The Gold Course offers better value for the money, and that is why we’ll zero in on this course.

The Golf Course at the Tiburon Golf Club stretches for around 7382 yards.

This is far longer than the 6949 yards on The Black, so some players may find it too laborious to play.

But, it has a slope rating of 137, which is more forgiving than The Black’s 147 slope rating. This means that it is challenging enough for a variety of players.

The Gold also has fast greens, so beginners will love playing on this course.

Nevertheless, the layout is designed with strategically located challenges and offers interesting undulations that make the course enticing for avid golfers.

Thus, golfers of all levels will surely enjoy this course.

The only downside we can think of is that it can be quite expensive.

But since it’s located in high-end Naples, and the fact that grounds are incredibly well-maintained,

We believe that you’re getting great value for what you’re paying for.

Palm Beach Par-3 Golf Course

Palm Beach Par-3 Golf Course

If you’re looking for an inexpensive yet top-quality golf course, then the Palm Beach Par-3 Golf Course is the perfect place for you.

The property boasts a premium location along South Florida’s coastline, so expect to enjoy stunning views as you play.

The 18-hole golf course sits on a 39-acre property that allows you to enjoy between 81 to 211 yards between holes.

It is designed with the perfect balance of greens, sand bunkers, and water hazards to keep you challenged for hours.

This layout is sure to test your accuracy o improve your game.

This world-class golf course also has a large driving range and practice bunker where you can exercise your swing and putts before the real thing.

Overall, we believe the Palm Beach Par-3 Golf Course is one of the best golf courses in Florida,

Especially if you want to enjoy premium services for a good price.

The balanced layout and exceptional coastline make it fun and relaxing at the same time.

Old Corkscrew Golf Course

Old Corkscrew Golf Course

The top-rated golfing destination in Southwest Florida is none other than the Old Corkscrew Golf Course.

With its Jack Nicklaus Signature Design, this par-72 golf course is sure to give you an unforgettable golfing experience.

While Southwest Florida is home to several golf courses, The Course at the Old Corkscrew Golf Club enjoys legendary status.

This impressive 7400-yard property is a certified Audubon International Silver Signature Sanctuary, making sure that the layout is fun and challenging yet still environmentally friendly.

Each hole is lined with trees and water hazards are strategically placed in certain parts all over the course.

This makes each drive and putts more exciting, which guarantees a fun round of golf.

As for the price, we find that the Old Corkscrew offers decent pricing.

For a world-class golf course offering a premium experience, we find it well worth the money.

Winter Park Golf Course

Winter Park Golf Course

If you’re looking for a fun 9-hole golf course in the heart of Central Florida, then you’ll surely have fun at the Winter Park Golf Course.

This is the perfect course for anyone who simply wants a quick escape from the hustle and the bustle of city life.

This golf course is located on a 2480-yard property that’s surrounded by city lights.

This makes you feel like there’s a relaxing haven right in the middle of a busy city.

Since it is much shorter than 18-hole golf courses, you get to enjoy the full experience by walking between each hole.

Nonetheless, limited carts are available if you prefer driving.

The Winter Park Golf Course has a beautiful landscape that makes you feel one with nature.

The fast green and slope rating of 102 makes it beginner-friendly, but experienced golfers will still enjoy this course.

And for its unbeatable price, we believe that this is the best golf course for beginners.

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