[ Top 8 ] Best Golf Courses in Michigan [ Read before you land in Michigan ]

Are you a golf enthusiast and going to Michigan soon?


It is essential that you do your research beforehand.

Because the state of Michigan has so many beautiful and playful golf courses to offer that you may be caught off guard if you are indecisive by nature.

Let’s get to know the best golf courses in Michigan.

This way you will be able to enjoy your trip to the fullest as you can get a course of any kind right here.

Best Courses in Michigan- The Names you ought to know.

The Arcadia Bluff’s Golf Course.

Best Golf Courses in Michigan

Since we are talking about the golf courses in Michigan let’s start with the golf course that overlooks lake Michigan!

If you want to enjoy the salty sea breeze and the blue view, then this golf course may be the best place for you to start.

It’s fun to lay in the sand and back under the sun on the beaches.

But, it’s engaging to play golf in golf courses right beside the sea. You can totally immerse yourself in a different world with a difficult game.

The course is quite difficult here and the fees are quite expensive too.

After you are done, you will feel like you just came out of another world.

Grand Traverse Resort and Spa. 


Since you are on a trip, whether a business one or a relaxing one, a resort will have everything you need.

Well, the Grand Traverse Resort and Spa also have three different golf courses for you to choose from as well as many dinner and lunch courses.

The Bear course is meant for those who like a difficult session of golf.

Then, there is the Wolverine course that is meant for golfers of all skill levels.

Finally, the Spruce Run is a beautiful tree-lined golf course that makes you feel closer to nature while you enjoy a round of golf.

Of course, after you are done tiring yourself out playing golf, you can always get a spa and have the most relaxing time ever!

The Loop. 

The Marquette Golf Club. 

This may just be the most interesting golf course design in the world.

Apparently, the Loop is two courses fused into one. How?

Golfers start to play golf on the course, moving counter-clockwise on the even-number days.

Again, on the odd-numbered days, they move clockwise.

Best Golf Courses In Myrtle Beach

What an interesting way to utilize a piece of land, isn’t it?

So, if you want to enjoy two different courses, without leaving the place you are in, then just choose two days to plan on this course.

You get two courses in one!

The Marquette Golf Club. 

The Marquette Golf Club. 

Slopes may scare you in golf courses but they will surely help you get better.

If you want to challenge yourself with a difficult course then you can try the Marquette golf club out.

Apparently, it has two courses in one, with 36 holes in total.

The Greywalls Course here is the one that will make you sweat harder.

Apparently, it utilizes its tough land design to make up quite a challenging course.

Nevertheless, raw beauty will definitely keep your body and mind engaged.

On the other hand, the Heritage Course is an easier course to play on.

But, its design and natural beauty will still amaze you.

The way these two courses have been put together is simply brilliant.

Apple Mountain Golf Course. 


The name itself sounds quite interesting, doesn’t it?

If you want to be surrounded by beautiful trees and lakes, then this Apple mountain golf course brings to you just what you want.

The best time to go there would be Spring.

Not only will the serene golf course put you at ease, but the colors of nature will also make you feel like you are in some fairytale world.

Possibly, the world will be like the forest you see in the Barbie Cartoon Swan Lake.

Black Lake Golf Club. 


Do you lose a lot of golf balls to the lakes on the course?

Then, you can try and overcome this fear by playing the black Lake golf course!

Apparently, it will give you quite the scenic beauty to enjoy while providing you with a difficult course.

At the end of one round, you will want to get back to it for better results.

The water of the Black lake surrounding it may intimidate you a bit.

But, you will surely feel the beauty and power of this golf course.

In the end, when you play on other courses around the world, the water won’t scare you as much.

Bucks Run Golf Club. 


Situated in Mount Pleasant, the Bucks Run Golf Club does offer you quite a pleasant time.

It is a well-cared-for golf club that has grass that you may end up admiring.

Even the green gives your ball a nice roll.

Not only will you be playing golf smoothly here, but the beauty of this place will also enchant you.

Everything is not just in good condition, it is well-decorated and placed as well.

Cascades Golf Course. 


If you are a social person then you will like the Cascades golf course.

Apparently, the staff and the people here are very friendly.

You may end up feeling at home when you are done playing golf.

As for the golf course itself, it is quite a difficult one to play on.

You will feel completely immersed in the game.

Final Words

Golf is a game meant to be played calmly.

You lose your patience or calmness once, you may end up losing the whole game.

But, it also teaches you persistence.

One of the best things golf courses offer you is natural beauty.

When you play golf, you not only improve your skills but find a certain level of mental peace as well.

Because after all, you are playing with nature.

The state of Michigan is quite a big state and it has different kinds of land in it.

From dense forests, hills to the seaside.

You can find a golf course of any type here so take your pick.

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