[ Top 8 ] Best Golf Courses In Myrtle Beach [ Read before you land Myrtle Beach ]

Myrtle beach is originally known for its warm subtropical climate and its beaches.

These two together make it quite a famous tourist destination.

It’s no wonder that Myrtle Beach is now built in a way that makes it more suitable for the tourists- with its resorts, sites, and activities that make life fun.

If you are a passionate golfer then Myrtle beach has a lot to offer you as well.

One of the things golfers love doing is playing on different courses.

Myrtle Beach offers quite a few so let’s check out the best golf courses in Myrtle Beach.

Best Golf Courses in Myrtle Beach: The Names You Should Know

Best Golf Courses In Myrtle Beach

The Dunes Golf and Beach Club. 


The Dunes Golf course is not only known for its beauty but for its clever and fun architecture as well.

It was built after the Second World War and it has received quite a lot of attention from visitors worldwide.

In fact, it brings out the true beauty of the Myrtle beach climate and provides you with a well-maintained course.

You can walk throughout the course on the grass and feel very close to nature.

All the time, focusing your mind on a golf game of medium difficulty.

King’s North at Myrtle Beach National. 


Do you want to play on a challenging golf course that is close to the town but is beaming with a touch of nature?

Then, you can try out this King’s North golf course.

In fact, it is a course that is quite difficult with its forty+ bunkers!

Arcadian Shores Golf Club. 

Yes, 40+. However, it will give you a thrill and you will feel like coming back to it.

The length of the holes also lets you be quite aggressive.

You can take out your driver and take your full swing with all the strength and focus you want.

It’s a good course to unleash your maximum power.

The Willbrook Plantation. 


The Will book Plantation golf course does not have an ostentatious golf course design that can blow you out of your mind.

However, it will allow you to enjoy a nice peaceful game of golf without many curveballs.

The first hole of this golf course is quite a narrow one and it will test your skills.

With such a difficult opener, you will find the rest of the course quite easy to deal with.

Apart from that, the mossy oak trees that bring out the life of this golf course will surely make you feel extraordinary.

Tidewater Golf Club. 


Do water bodies give you a thrill when you are playing golf?

Then, this Tidewater golf course will surely impress you with its design and the water bodies that line up the different holes.

It also provides a few slopes that you can have fun with.

Well, the slopes may also exhaust you if you do not sharpen your skills.

Overall, this golf course is very pretty to play on.

Azalea Sands Golf Club. 


If you are on a family trip, you may be craving to go play golf while your family is insisting on on-site visits.

What if you can attend to both? The Azalea Sands Golf Club is located very close to the Atlantic Ocean.

So, when you reach there, send your family on a short trip to the banks of the Atlantic Ocean while you enjoy golf at the Azalea Sands Golf Club.

Later, your family can join you at the golf club for some relaxation.

As for the course itself, it is a beautiful course and the sand bunkers are of the best shape!

So, you will be able to play a nice round of golf and also go for site viewing if you want to.

Dye Course- Barefoot Resort. 


Dye Course was actually designed by a famous Golf course designer Pete Dye.

Pete Dye is well-known for designing intimidating golf courses.

Therefore, those who love challenges when playing golf can surely try out the Dye Course.

The layout of this course will definitely amaze you and so will the beauty of nature around.

Furthermore, you will get to enjoy the passion for music this club has after you play golf if you hang around a bit longer.

Arcadian Shores Golf Club. 

Arcadian Shores Golf Club. 

Want to begin your career as a golfer by playing on a classic golf course?

Then, this Arcadian Shores Golf club may act as a good starting point for you.

Apparently, it was the golf course with which the architect Rees Jones started his career as the designer of golf courses.

The shape of the sand bunkers itself will amaze you and tell you about how well-planned and well-maintained this golf course is.

Beachwood Golf Club. 


Want to play golf in a completely peaceful environment?

The Beachwood golf club has no residential houses around so you can expect it to be quite a quiet place.

Furthermore, it is close to the Atlantic Ocean so you can guess the kind of weather you will be enjoying your golf sessions.

Other than that, this golf course has quite a classic golf course design that is suitable for a golfer of any skill level.

The customer service at this golf club is also quite amiable.

Therefore, you will be playing golf, having fun, relaxing at the same time.

And, after you are done, you can go and take a look at the Atlantic Ocean as well.

Final Words

Golf is one of the best ways to feel close to nature and experience it fully.

When you hit the golf ball, where does it land? On the grass, the grass is different all around the world.

Myrtle Beach offers such remarkable golf courses that help you enjoy nature at its best.

You can have your mind occupied while feeling completely comfortable on your holiday.

Furthermore, the best golf course in Myrtle Beach provides you easy access to the tourism sites as well.

So if your goal for the trip is both suite viewing and golf- then you can check out the resorts and clubs that offer you both.

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