Best Golf Courses in Palm Spring

[ Top 8 ] Best Golf Courses In Palm Spring [ Read before you land In Palm Spring ]

Palm Spring has one of the best weather for those golfers who love the sun.

Does your sweat make you feel that you are trying your best when golfing?

Then, palm Spring may just be the perfect location for you.

In fact, it has over one hundred golf courses and each provides you with a great view.

Most of them have hills or mountains surrounding them along with palm trees.

So, that’s the Palm Spring Signature and you won’t get tired of it!

But, you may have your preferences.

So, let’s get to know the best golf courses in palm Spring- you can’t visit all 100!

Best Golf Courses in Palm Spring

Best Golf Courses in Palm Spring

Westin Mission Hills. 

Westin Mission Hills.

After a game of golf in the Palm Spring weather, you will definitely need to cool off a bit.

Therefore, the best way to enjoy golf here is to enjoy it at a resort.

The Westin Mission Hills Golf Resort offers you not one but two golf courses.

Each has its own difficulty level.

While the Gary Player’s course is an easier choice for beginners, the Pete Dye course will require more accuracy and brain time.

So if you are up for a challenge, try the Pete Dye.

If you want to have a relaxing time, with lakes around and some wind amid nature- Gary Player’s course may be your first choice.

The best thing is that you can try both the courses on two different days.

Desert Willow Golf Resort. 

Desert Willow Golf Resort. 

Want to experience the desert in a way you have never imagined?

Then, you should try out the two golf courses at Desert Willow golf resort.

Apparently, you will be able to see the mountains around and the desert too- but you won’t feel like you are playing somewhere with a drought.

In fact, these courses have really well-maintained green along with water and sand bunkers!

The water bunkers won’t be just a mirage- take my word for that. Apart from that, the service is great and you will enjoy your stay.

Silverrock Golf Course. 

Silverrock Golf Course. 

If you like to start early then the Silverrock may give an excellent start to the day.

In fact, it is a place of natural beauty as it goes through the Santa Rosa Mountains.

The sunrise you experience among the mountain when you tee off at dawn- is a memory of earth you will carry forever.

Furthermore, it has its difficult holes and easy ones.

So, it’s a good practice course for players of all skill levels.

The front nine is quite easy while the back nine is filled with challenges in the form of water bunkers.

Shadow Ridge Golf Resort. 

Shadow Ridge Golf Resort. 

Do you love challenges when playing golf?

The Shadow Ridge golf course offers a lot of challenges on its 18-hole golf course.

In fact, it offers all kinds of challenges you can expect on a golf course.

Firstly, it does not just have sand bunkers but it has sand bunkers with elevation.

So you will be dealing with the tricky sand and slopes!

Furthermore, the fairways are not very even either- they are cunningly uneven taking a toll on your scorecard.

The water bunkers are unforgiving. However, the mountains around give a great view.

So, you can rise high like the mountains if you are brave enough to take on this course.

The rate is quite affordable as well.

Indian Wells. 

Indian Wells. 

The Indian Wells has two golf courses amounting to a total of 36 holes for you.

It is located in the Coachella valley.

It’s located in a valley so you can expect the views to be quite breathtaking.

Furthermore, you get the taste of two different courses from one place.

Apparently, the two golf courses are very different from each other.

One is suitable for players of all skill levels while the other gives you quite a hard time.

Both the courses have many water bunkers for you to cross.

Terra Lago Golf Club. 

Terra Lago Golf Club. 

Do you like being accurate with your short game?

The long game is easier than the short game in golf and it’s actually the short game that makes all the difference.

If you are looking to improve your short game then the Terra Lago may be a great place for you to visit for a couple of days.

In fact, it has really well-maintained greens that look very smooth.

However, the area around the green and the green itself will give you a hard time.

Apart from that, the mountain views from this golf course will keep you in quite a peaceful mood.

It’s best if you start early morning because it looks the best at that time.

PGA West. 

PGA West. 

This place alone offers you three different golf courses to play on- all open for the public.

Apparently, it holds the annual PGA Tour Careerbuilder Challenge tournament.

If such a tournament is taking place here, things are going right with the layout.

So, if you want to experience a standard course that will test your skills and help you sharpen them then this might just be the one.

You cannot choose this place just for the view because that’s nothing extraordinary- but these courses are ‘proper.

Classic Club. 

Classic Club. 

If you have some money to spare and eyes looking for beauty then you can try the Classic Club.

The golf course here is highly maintained and the layout will give you quite a thrill.

Apparently, the service and views of the club are breathtaking as well.

You will love teeing off at any time of the day and might do so to get the most of this place.

If you play during the windy days then expect challenges that you have never seen before.

Final Words

Palm Spring is quite a great destination for golfers.

You just have to choose the visiting time correctly if you are too afraid of the very hot weather it sometimes experiences.

But, once you reach the place, you won’t run out of golf course options.

Fortunately, most will delight you but it’s best if you choose those close to where you are staying (Yes you will find one no matter where you are staying.

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