[ Top 6 ] Best Golf Courses In Scottsdale [ Read this before you land in Scottsdale ]

With around 200 golf courses in Scottsdale, you can expect it to be the perfect trip destination for golfers.

In fact, the weather in Scottsdale is perfect for golf.

It’s sunny most of the year so you won’t even have to carry an umbrella unless you want protection from the sun itself.

With so many options to choose from, it can be quite hard to choose from the many bests.

You can consult a friend to know about their favorites or find out yourself which suits you best.

Because Scottsdale offers golf courses that are quite different from each other.

So, let’s check out the best golf courses in Scottsdale.

Best Golf Courses in Scottsdale.

Best Golf Courses In Scottsdale

Eagle Mountain Golf Club 

Eagle Mountain Golf Club 

As you already know, Scottsdale itself can offer you quite a variety of golf courses to choose from.

What if just one course allowed you to experience a variety of scenic beauties while you are golfing?

In fact,

The Eagle Mountain golf club is situated in such a location that,

It has become a tourist destination earning a profitable amount for the locals.

The golf courses have their parts going through the McDowell Mountains.

So, you get to enjoy the hilly beauty along with the difficult slopes that come with this golf course.

Furthermore, this course gives a corner view of the Sonoran desert.

So, you get to enjoy beautiful yet different kinds of views.

Apart from that, the course is suitable for all skill levels. It will definitely help you build your skills.

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The Phoenician Golf Club.

The Phoenician Golf Club

You don’t get just one golf course in this club but three.

You can check out the description of each to find out which you want to play.

Or, you can try out all three without wasting time on the road.

The Desert nine course is just what it sounds like- it gives you great views of the desert in the area.

Furthermore, it is quite difficult to play because it has sudden elevations requiring much calculation.

Quite a thrilling golf course!

The Oasis Nine is similar to the classic golf courses around the world.

It has tree-lined fairways and not many slopes.

So, if you want a normal golf game with not many surprises, this is a good choice.

Finally, Canyon Nine is a golf course you can choose if you want excellent views of the city.

It is situated on a mountain and offers great views of the city with the desert. It’s also more expensive.

Legend Trail Golf Club.

Legend Trail Golf Club

Do you want to enjoy views of the desert and other landmarks when playing golf?

To be honest, it is an excellent plan- soothing your eyes and heart with nature while playing golf.

The Legend Trail Golf Club is one such golf club that gives you 72 courses to choose from.

You get views of the best scenic beauties like Pinnacle Peak.

One of the best things about this incredible golf club is that you may find it affordable.

All you have to do is choose the right time. If you can withstand the summer heat then you can play at much lower rates.

Other than that, this golf club has something for players of all skill levels.

Troon North Golf Club.

Legend Trail Golf Club

If you want the best of all worlds in Scottsdale, then the Troon North golf club may be the place you want to check out.

Apparently, it has it all-a a challenging golf course design, scenic beauty, and ambiance.

In fact, you will miss out on absolutely nothing when you play here.

It has two courses to offer you and both will take you through the best version of the Sorona desert, ravines, and foothills.

The blend of different types of natural beauty will keep you occupied for the first few days for sure.

So, keep time in your hands because you will be so amused by the design and beauty you may need to warm up for keeping your mind focused on the game.

TPC Golf Course.

Legend Trail Golf Club

If you are a passionate golfer and follow the professional on the PGA tour, then the TPC may be one of the destinations on your bucket list.

In fact, it holds PGA tour tournaments and much more.

You get to try out two courses here- the Stadium and the Champions Course.

In fact, you want to experience how professionals are treated firsthand then this is the place for you.

Furthermore, such a world-renowned place will uphold Scottsdale’s bests.

Therefore, you get to enjoy scenic beauty along with perfectly maintained courses.

But, of course, the courses won’t be easy. Try hard and you will feel like you are at the top of the world.

Grayhawk Golf Club.

Grayhawk Golf Club

Are you fond of long shots?

Many golf courses leave you unsatisfied in this case.

Because the holes are not long enough for those powerful driver shots.

Grayhawk Golf club features some of the best par-5 holes for you.

So, if you want to use your full strength and swing, you can try out this.

The course is beautiful with desert layouts. In fact, it also has a tough island green.

You can practice both long and short games here.

It is quite a challenging golf course that will definitely make other golf courses seem easy.

Final Words

While Scottsdale has quite a several gems, you cannot visit all of them if you are on a short trip.

These six golf courses are the best in Scottsdale according to us. Furthermore, each of the clubs offers you at least two courses.

So, it is much like a “find one, get one free” kind of research.

The course layouts will definitely impress you and the scenic beauty will never fail to put your soul at peace.

You can research more to find the right time to visit the courses because visiting at the right time will get you some of the best views and prices.

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