Top 10 Best Golf Games for PS4 in 2021

There’s always been a significant difference between realism and simulation. Playing golf on a golf court is always been a pleasure. This is actually a great experience. Nothing can match this. People who used to play golf regularly on the golf court won’t like the idea of PlayStation.

However, we‘ve done noteworthy research on this matter. After doing a huge study and analysis, we’ve concluded that there are some PS4 golf games that can surely present the visuals and controls of a realistic game.

Yes, it won’t be equal to a real golf game but it can still enchant your mind. Here, we’ll discuss the best golf games for PS4. Let’s check it out –

Best Golf Games For PS4

The Best Golf Games for PS4

If you have the desire to learn outside of practical golf games or try to nurture another quality, might as well want to surprise every guest at your birthday party, you can go for this one. Trust us, you won’t regret it. It will be a fun ride that will definitely enthrall you in the end.

Here, we want to talk about the top golf games for PS4. Let’s go –

1. PGA Tour 2k21

This game got a massive hit right after its release on the market. Moreover, this game is the top-selling golf game and it still reigning among virtual golf lovers. 2k was the driving force behind making this superb game. The overall experience and journey are totally mind-blogging. The simulation, visualization, graphics – everything is almost perfect and can produce a spectacular vibe to a player.

On the other hand, the user experience of this game is 4.6. According to the fan and critics, this game is certainly the best-ever golf PS game of all time. PGA Tour 2k21 is something else and it will give you an amazing experience in the virtual golf world!

 Reason to love this

  • You’ll get the luxury to build your pro-golf persona. Further, You can take on real-life golf superstars like Tiger Woods!
  • It won’t cost you too much. PGA Tour 2k21 is very much budget-friendly.
  • You can organize your own clubhouse while creating a tournament with your pals.
  • It is full of alluring features and the graphics are very much exciting.


  • Real-world courses
  • Multiplayers from local and international sides
  • Eye-catching graphical experiences
  • Cheaper option
  • Simulation is so much realistic


  • Has several bugs

2. 3D Mini Golf – PlayStation

3D Mini Golf is mainly made for kids. This is a very simple PS and it could surely fancy kids due to its simplistic tone. If you like to play golf without complication, then this game might attract you too. The whole game features 54 tones. This game is more casual. The graphic, visualization – everything has a casual vibe.

Most professional virtual gamers won’t like it probably due to its shallow tone. Even, they can justify it as a mobile or tab-game rather than a PS4 game! Additionally, the gameplay is also awkward. However, kids will like it due to its offbeat nature. They don’t have to face too much hard hurdles and this could tempt them to play with it more and more!

Reason to love this

  • 54 challenging courses including 18 real-life courses
  • Three different golfing scenarios – park, camping site, and bench
  • Supports multiplayer
  • A perfect plaything for kids who wants to learn golf in the future


  • Very cheap price
  • Courses are funny
  • Kids will like it
  • One of the best casual golf games


  • Looks like a mobile game and is not perfect for adults

3. EA Sports- Rory Mcllroy PGA Tour

Want a very realistic experience of playing golf along with a lot of control over how you play. Then, the Rory Mcllroy PGA Tour game may be the best option for you. Yes, it’s not cheap but it’s the best out there.

In fact, you can even play real courses in this game in PGA tour career mode. You have full control over your swing mechanisms, difficulty, wind gusts, etc. Therefore, you can customize the game to your liking. The graphics of this game is also very realistic. If you want the closest to real-life gold experience- this is the game you are looking for.

4. Everybody’s Golf VR – PlayStation 4

This is the exact opposite of the realistic golf game for PS4. In fact, it’s just what it sounds like- a golf game for everybody. The graphics won’t impress you and you won’t have full control over the swings because it does not consider all the tiny details.

What you will surely have is ease of play, a number of fun features like building up your character. A certain level of control over the swings and the game of golf. This is actually a great option for kids and beginners as the game is very easy to learn and it will help build up the skills to play the more difficult versions of golf.

5. Party Golf

Looking for new ways to spend fun time with your friends? Then, Party Golf may be the game you are looking for. In fact, this game is famous for its multiplayer mode.

You can play with two to eight friends in this game. It lets you control human robots and the graphics are just good enough. You will enjoy the game for a while and it may turn into your gang game.

6. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 16

The Tiger Woods PGA Tour 16 gives you quite a good amount of control over the game. In fact, you can enhance your skills and change the condition of the green by tweaking tiny details like a slope. Apart from that, the players can select their different skill levels.

It also has a fun mode called the ‘Dance Club’ mode that gives you a few Arcade-style challenges. The main purpose of this game is to train you and help you improve your accuracy. You may end up having more fun in the dance mode.

7. 2K the Golf Club 2019

If you are looking to challenge players all over the world then this 2K golf Club 2 may be the game you are looking for. It is a great game if you want to have someone to beat. Your name will be remembered if you perform really well.

The game is well-made and you will like what you have to do. It gives you challenges and you will enjoy them as they come. The controls are easy as well.

8. Zen Studios Infinite Minigolf

This is a game that will never run out of variety to offer you. Apparently, you will keep getting new challenges and greens to play on as long as the players decide to make new greens or courses. Furthermore, you will get rewards for the activities you do. The rewards let you unlock items for your customized character so that is the reason you keep being motivated to play.

The activities are fun too- you get to hit long putts, make multiple holes for increased accuracy, etc. it gives you a good amount of control over your game.

9. 100 ft Robot Golf

If you actually find golf boring and want to view it in a different way then you may want to play this game. Apparently, it is a fusion between fantasy and actual golf. In this game, you control the swings of giant robots. The golf balls are the size of humans.

Where you play will surprise you even more- not only do you play on earthly courses in Hawaii but you can play on the moon as well. So, it gives wings to your fantasy. Other than that, the graphics of the game has a 90’s anime style. So, you will definitely love it. Because who does not like anime and the lively way they portray things?

10. Dangerous Golf

One of the reasons many kids do not like golf is because of the peaceful nature it has. Some thrill is required and the Dangerous Golf game offers you the thrill. In fact, it makes you play golf in the weirdest of places- including indoors. You will be able to break objects as you go. Of course, the game is quite difficult and you will have to try hard to be accurate.

The background music of the game is also quite eerie. Overall, it gives you a different experience you wouldn’t expect from a golf game.

Most Common- FAQs

What’s the best golf game out for PS4?

There are many PS4 golf games currently on the market. Most of them are very high-quality games. There’s no denying this. However, according to our research and experience, PGA Tour 2k21 is the best ps4 golf game among them all. The visualization, graphics, playing style, courses, everything is literally great and unmatched. So, this is our pick.

Is there a new golf game for PS4?

Yes. The good news is PlayStation recently releases Golf Club Wasteland (PS4) which is a brand-new golf game. You can check it out in your nearest shop.

Final Words

There’s basically no difference between golf courses at all. You’ll more or less see mountain or ocean views from a golf course.

However, the PS4 games can change such scenarios and contribute a different view. You’ll see a different golf world!

Furthermore, there’s no fear of losing balls and there’s no difference between rich and poor! So, it would be best to taste a different golf world and try to master this arena.

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