Best Ways to Ship Golf Clubs

[ Top 5 ] Best Ways to Ship Golf Clubs

Golf clubs can be really high maintenance,

Due to how fragile they can be. Plus, the size and building of golf clubs can also be really inappropriate,

therefore making it pretty hard to just ship them across the country or even across the globe without proper caution.

You really do not want to damage an expensive golf club!

So hopefully this blog post-Ill help you to find out Best Ways to Ship Golf Clubs.

Shipping golf clubs is an important part of the industry.

For retailers, shipping a well-packaged golf club will ensure a boom in the industry, whereas, for the customers,

It would mean receiving a high-quality, state-of-the-art golf club that will assist them in their future gameplays.

In order to make sure the product you are shipping does not break down due to ill-packaging


Mismanagement, take a look at this article of ours as we discuss the best ways to ship golf clubs across the globe.

5 Best Ways to Ship Golf Clubs


A company recognized worldwide,

FedEx is probably your best bet when shipping golfing clubs.

This company has reached such amazing heights due to their customer service and how they handle the parcels.

If you want to ship your golf clubs domestically, then doing it through FedEx will cost you less than 100 dollars.

This, however, also depends on the type of golf clubs that you are shipping, and the number of it too.

If the clubs are too fragile and long, the fees might tend to fluctuate as well.

However, the cost of sending clubs through FedEx will still be much cheaper and cost-effective than shipping clubs in any other way.

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For those living outside the U.S, DHL will be the best possible medium of transport here.

The only downside to this great company is that they are rather pricey, as their main policy lies in shipping products internationally and not domestically like FedEx.

But overall, DHL is a really trustworthy company and you can put faith in them to transport your golf clubs safely to wherever you want them to go.


For domestic and national couriers, you might want to take a look at USPS.

The upside to shipping through USPS is that you can also choose your own packaging style here, and also choose which carrier you want to ship your golf clubs by.

This in turn gives you plenty of leeways to choose and think over the price tag attached to each medium.

The flexible modes of transport will help you reach a cost-effective decision.

The self-packaging option is also very convenient as you can personally pack your golf clubs based on their size and built that way.


Another renowned company in the courier industry,

UPS is one of the most effective ways to ship your golf clubs from one end of the country to the other.

UPS also ships worldwide, though that may fall on the pricier end of the spectrum.

If you are transporting your golf clubs within the U.S,

it might cost you less than 100 dollars only as you will be making use of their ground service.

International shipping may be pretty expensive and cost you a couple of hundred dollars for each service,

But the upside to it is that the company offers a large number of facilities and discounts that you can use to your benefit when shipping fragile items.

Another great aspect of UPS is that the company has more than 5000 stores all across America and Canada,

so chances are you will never be ghosted by the staff when shipping your products.

There will always be someone to notify you regarding the latest changes and tweaks made to the courier service.

Easy Ship

Generally known as a third-party company,

Easy Ship is kind of the best possible medium to ship your golf clubs from one corner of the world to the other.

The thing about Easy Ship is that it is very renowned now, which makes it almost impossible for the company to partake in any kind of monkey business.

The upside to this third-party company is that it is very cheap, at least compared to the previous companies that we mentioned.

Easy Ship will let you save up a fortune!

The thing with Easy Ship is that they work via USPS, therefore there is literally no way for them to cheat on customers or create scam issues.

Easy Ship also provides a number of discounts to its customers in order to keep up with the competition in the market.

The customer base of this company is rather large and keeps on growing due to its various facilities.

You can try sending your shipment through this medium, as the reviews speak pretty highly of it.

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Which Shipping Method is the Cheapest?

After completing thorough research on this,

We found that the most cost-effective way to ship your golf clubs internationally has to be through USPS.

This is because USPS’s carrier is Easy Ship, which is commonly known as a third-party carrier in the industry.

This is why international fare will be much more cost-effective.

USPS also provides a decent amount of insurance on golf clubs, so if anything does tend to happen to your products, the loss will not be as terrible as expected.

For ground service domestically, we would suggest you make use of FedEx, as this seems the most cost-effective to us.

Easy Ways to Keep Your Golf Clubs Safe

When packing your golf clubs for shipping,

It is important for you to make sure they are properly sealed away and covered with the necessary materials

So that the clubs do not bounce against each other.

Make sure to place tons of bubble wrap inside the carton to keep fragile objects safe.


Whether you live in the States or outside of it,

Shipping your golf clubs from one place to the other should not cost you a fortune.

Take a look at the best ways to ship golf clubs that we surmised for you here in this article to get the best deal of the year!

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