Bushnell Phantom Golf GPS Review

Bushnell Phantom Golf GPS Review 2021 [ Top quality ]

Want a very small, portable device that can give you the distance to your flag and hazards?

Golf sure is tough but there are three things that make it easy- practice, technology, and friends.

Not everyone can help you with practice and friends, but we can try and help with the technological device you need.

A golf GPS device is quite a useful item to have when you are playing golf.

There are many available and not all of them can do a great job.

This is why you have to be careful when buying one or you may end up regretting your decision.

Bushnell is quite a well-known brand when it comes to such gears.

So, let’s check out the Bushnell Phantom Golf GPS Review to see if this is the kind of device you need.

Bushnell Phantom Golf GPS Review: The Features.

Bushnell Phantom Golf GPS Review

What can this GPS device offer you? It’s definitely not just GOS but much more. Let’s find out.

Easy to Read Distances. 

If you are buying this GPS for playing golf, then what you are looking for is mainly the distances it can provide.

Fortunately, this GPS is quite efficient in providing you with the information.

It shows you the front, back, and center distances. You can even get the distance to four hazards on this.

Most of the time this device is quite accurate at determining the distance you need to know.

But, at times, it may be off by 9-10 yards.

You will only know if you use another device to measure the distance.

Preloaded courses. 

golf gps reviews

It is after all a golf course you will be measuring with this small device.

Fortunately, this device is quite a resourceful one.

In fact, it comes with more than 36,000 preloaded courses.

Furthermore, it can identify the course you are on quite fast and easily.

Easy to Read. 

You will find the information provided by this GPS quite easy to understand.

In fact, the numbers and letters are very easy to read.

The 3D layout of the distances to the holes and bunkers on the course you are playing on will help you be more accurate when you are hitting the golf ball.

One trouble you may face, however, is that you will have to interact a lot with this device to get the information you need.

While it’s easy to do, it can seem a bit lengthy.

For example, you will have to exit the course layout to check the time.

BITE Magnetic Mount or Clips. 

Who does not want to keep their hands free when playing golf?

No matter how small the device, it is quite beneficial if the device is easy to carry and does not require your hands.

Apparently, this device is equipped with a magnetic mount that you can use to attach it to any metal surface. Like that of your golf cart.

Apart from that, it also lets you clip it to your golf bag.

However, the magnetic mount may not be very powerful.

You may have to consider finding another way to attach this unit because if the magnetic mount does not work, you won’t even know when you lose the unit. Unless, of course, you are constantly checking.

Bluetooth Updates. 

This GS device can connect through Bluetooth and carry on with the wireless updates it needs for the courses.

In fact, the package includes access to the Bushnell Golf app.

You will get more information from the app and it will be quite helpful.

The Build of the device. 

The weight and size of this device do not really matter.

It’s because it is naturally small in size and very easy to carry around.

You will find the size of the screen alright as well.

As for the build, you may feel that it is built with cheap plastic.

A rubber coating would have given it a lot of protection but it does not.

However, it won’t really hurt unless the magnetic mount fails and the device meets the hard ground.

It uses a battery for power and the battery apparently lasts for two rounds of golf.

So, you don’t have to worry about a low battery.

Bushnell Phantom Golf GPS Review: Pros and Cons


  • The device is quite helpful on the golf course- provides the information well.
  • It has information on quite a good number of golf courses.
  • It is very easy to read the way it provides information.
  • Operation is easy and straight-forward.
  • The magnetic mount and clips help a lot when carrying it as long as it works.
  • The battery lasts for quite some time.
  • It updates the app using Bluetooth.
  • The app is very resourceful.
  • Good value for the money.


  • The quality of the build, especially the magnetic mount and clips, is not that great.
  • It is easy to use but can be lengthy to get different kinds of information at the same time.

Bushnell Phantom Golf GPS Review: Frequently Asked Questions.

Bushnell Phantom Golf GPS Review

Will it automatically find the hole or do you have to find it manually?

You have to manually select the hole to find your information. It is a step-by-step process.

Is it waterproof? 

Using the device in the rain won’t hurt a lot. However, you cannot submerge it under the water. So, it is more a water-resistant device than a waterproof one.

Where to find a replacement charger?

It gets charged using quite standard chargers. So, if you have a smartphone, an android one, the charger of the phone may be compatible with this unit as well.

Final Words

If you are looking for an affordable golf GPS that also has a lot of features in it then you are looking at the right one.

But, if you are looking for a top-notch build with no expected trouble then this might not be the one.

It has its low points for the price it comes at.

However, the ease of use and the convenient features may be able to win your heart.

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