Bushnell Pro X2 Review

Bushnell Pro X2 Review [ Read before you chose one ]

A rangefinder is something that can help you improve your skills in golf.

You already have to make the right swing, keep your body just the way it should be, and a lot more.

So, let a rangefinder make your game easy and relaxing for you.

You don’t have to guess the distance to the flag or bunkers anymore- the rangefinder will do it for you.

But, with so many available what will be the best choice for you?

You can start with this Bushnell Pro X2 review to see what you want from a rangefinder and what you can do without.

Bushnell is quite a well-known brand in the rangefinder world.

It has packed this Pro X2 rangefinder with many advanced features that seem to be the best in the market.

So, let’s find out what’s all the fuss about.

Bushnell Pro X2 Review: The Features

Bushnell Pro X2

Let’s have a look at the Bushnell Pro X2 rangefinder in a nutshell through its features.

A range of 450 yards. 

The Bushnell Pro X2 will provide you with reading for 450 yards to the flag.

This is actually quite an appropriate range for a rangefinder that you will be used to play golf.

You won’t be hitting the golf ball as far as 450 yards so you don’t have to worry about the range is too short for you.

However, if the rangefinder is very inaccurate, it can affect your game.

Fortunately, this Pro X2 rangefinder is quite accurate in its calculations.

Pinseeker with JOLT Technology. 

With many rangefinders, you cannot be always sure if you are getting the distance to the object you are targeting.

But, with the Bushnell Pro X2, you can be sure. In fact, it has the Jolt technology that lets you lock in the flag.

Therefore, you know that it is the flag you are getting the distance to, not something else.

However, one trouble you may face is difficulty locking the object. At times this rangefinder does not lock in the flag but some distant tree.

Otherwise, things will go quite smoothly.

Slope Switch technology. 

Slopes are important in golf as they can change the position of the ball by a substantial distance.

Thankfully, this Pro X2 rangefinder lets you calculate considering the slope as well.

In fact, you get a slop switch which you can click to see the slope of the field ahead.

Through this, you can decide on your distance and swing even more cleverly and accurately.

Magnification and Focus. 

This rangefinder lets you zoom in with a 6X magnification.

You can adjust the focus quite easily but maybe too easily in some cases.

If you leave the rangefinder for use later, you will have to focus on it again.

Other than that, the magnification works quite well for golf.

A dual display. 

Worried that you may not be able to use the rangefinder when it’s getting close to the evening?

No worries at all! In fact, this rangefinder comes with a dual-display technology that let6s you to see in low-light situations.

This feature works very well, and you won’t have any trouble when using it.

Extra features.

This rangefinder is not just like a typical binocular but very smart as well.

In fact, it comes with access to the Bushnell Golf app for you.

With this app you will get access to over 36,000 golf courses, isn’t that something?

The build of the rangefinder. 

You will be experiencing the Bushnell quality with the build of this rangefinder.

In fact, the materials used in the build are of high quality. Furthermore, they are put together so well.

It is not very heavy in nature and quite easy to carry around.

Furthermore, it is a waterproof rangefinder.

You can totally expect this rangefinder to last and that too without any problems.

But, you should check the rangefinder right when you receive it because a few customers have received scratched or used versions of it.

Bushnell Pro X2 Review: Pros and Cons

  • The rangefinder is easy to use as it locks in the flag or object with JOLT technology.
  • It is usually quite accurate in calculating the distance.
  • Can be used in low light without trouble.
  • The magnification works well.
  • It has a robust build that is compact to hold as well.
  • The slope switch is quite useful.
  • It is waterproof.
  • It gives you access to an app.
  • Excellent value for money and quality.
  • The focus is a bit flimsy- it does not stay where you keep it.
  • It can be hard to lock in the flag.

Bushnell Pro X2 review: Frequently Asked Questions

Bushnell Pro

Does it come with a battery?

Yes, it comes with a battery.

Does it include a case?

Yes, it does come with a nice case.

Does the case have anything that you can use to attach this rangefinder with the bag?

yes, the case comes with a clip that will attach to a bag easily.

Can you use it for hunting?

If its magnification suits the hunt, yes you definitely can use it for hunting.

Can you use this with glasses?

Yes, you can, it does offer eye relief.

Final Words

Bushnell Pro X2 rangefinder is something that is made with quality and some of the best features.

Most of the time, it does a perfect job too.

With its durability, it can keep delighting you for a long time to come as well.

Now, you know from this Bushnell Pro X2 review what can go wrong and what certainly goes right.

If you are alright with the wrong that can go, this rangefinder is quite the unit to take some risk with.

You will get the best kind of rangefinder experience with it because it is that capable and does exactly what it says.

The overall package is quite generous as well. All of these at a very reasonable price.

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