C3I Wedge Review

In-Depth C3i Wedge Review around the Greens

Do you have a plan to escape the bunker easily and make advancement in a short game? Then, you can go for C3i Wedge with your eyes off! It will help you to get out from the bunker without any trouble while also going assisting you to get closer to the pin. This is a superb wedge in a word. 

The unique and superior design can boost your overall performance. Moreover, it can highly enhance your short game too. Golfers have the opportunity to lower their score in a golf club by using a C3i wedge. 

They can also become more accustomed and skilful in the short game through this product. It has a hosel and heel shaped in a way that literally removes catching and hitching in a rugged place. Further, the narrow sole of this product will provide a lot of shot options and basically no chance of making an error.

Why Should We Choose the Product?

The C3i wedge has earned a worldwide reputation due to its remarkable work style. It really helps golfers to make progress in a short game. The astonishing design, feasible tech everything is nearly pinch-perfect of this product. Let’s check out some facts about why we should choose the product. 

  • The C3i is perfect for amateurs. It can also make a great assist to the players with higher-handicaps. It can provide you a big hand in times of your need. Just with a single swing, you can easily get the ball out of any bunker. 
  • C3i golf wedge has full legality in any type of golf tournament. So, you can choose the product without a second thought. You don’t have to stress about breaking rules during the tournament. This is a very big advantage.
  • This product is designed to make pitching easy for golfers. The whole thing begins with an Autoglide Xtreme sole.
  • Play a very high-level shot like a pro.
  • This is very comfy.
  • Golfers will have the luxury to play golf on the C3i wedge with a square stance. This is the reason it has become much more convenient than most of the wedges available in the market. 
  • You will get a 1-year warranty for this product against flaws.

Features & Buying Guides of C3i Wedge Review

Let’s dive deep into the features of the C3i wedge and see if it is worth it. After all, that’s the goal of this C3i wedge review, right? 


C3i Wedge is what its manufacturer likes to call a premium sand wedge. Although you can bet your life they claim to be more than that. It is a high loft golf club that comes in three types varying in the degrees for its loft: 65, 59, and 55. This particular feature can either be good or bad.

This is good if you’re trying to easily get a ball out of the bunker shots. Yet this can be bad if you want a lot of distance control and versatility in your shots.

C3i Wedge can help golfers undoubtedly and this is particularly designed to cater to amateurs, mid to high handicappers, and golf enthusiasts who just wanna try another specialized club. It has units available for both hand orientation and has a dimension of 59.1 x 9.8 x 9.8 inches. Also, both men and women can rest assured that this wedge will suit them just fine.


Special engineering was done to fully develop this C3i Wedge. It has a wide sole that can get your ball out of bunkers easily. But on the downside, tight lies on the course may cause skulls because of the sole’s width.

The C3i Wedge’s sole also incorporates auto-glide technology. It is responsible for a smooth cut through the sand minus the skipping and digging. If you are like me who often runs into that problem, this is a nice feature to take note of.

The extra curve and bevelled leading edge also reduce the ground interaction. This ensures you of a clean contact. C3i Wedge’s hosel and heel are also shaped to minimize material collection in the pocket. It will lessen the catching and snagging in rough too.

Its specialized engineering made room for practically no-effort flop shots. Golfers will just have to set up and aim right at the target. Isn’t that wonderful? If you have the money to spare but not the time to learn techniques with the traditional wedge, C3i Wedge might just be what you need to up your game.

Just keep in mind that this wedge does not actually do much when it comes to the normal chipping, pitching, and other stuff you do with traditional wedges. This isn’t even that recommendable for usage outside of 40 yards.


The C3i Wedge is a 1-pound, stainless steel club that proves to be durable over time.

Its material won’t easily give in and it could join you in your games for probably longer than you expected. The only problem you might encounter is a somewhat poor paint job.

But if this club gets you out of the bunkers and lets you enjoy more birdies, that might just be a small trade-off for you. You might actually don’t mind if you’re that bad at getting out of tough spots.


If you want to use this wedge for legal tournaments, no one can stop you either. It conforms to all golf rules and won’t give you any issues bringing them into the actual game. Don’t you just love it when you can have a bit of an edge without breaking any rules? Unless you’re more of a rebel type, that is.

  • Can actually get the ball out of bunkers easily
  • Glides smoothly through sand without skipping or digging
  • Provides decent aid in limiting chunky shots
  • Will actually launch higher than the traditional 60-degree wedges
  • Approved by most of the users
  • Might need a better paint job
  • Its large sole may result in skulls in tight lies
  • More of a one-trick pony
  • Limits your shot’s versatility around the green
  • 65-degrees of loft optimized center of gravity will likely make you give up a lot of distance control

Frequently Asked Questions

What user’s height will it be best for?

C3i Wedge has only one version which suits perfectly for both men and women standing about 5’2” to 6’2” tall.

How is the product’s packaging?

The C3i Wedge comes very well packaged inside a sturdy box.

What distance can I expect from different lofts?

65-degree C3i Wedge is best and often used as a sand wedge out of greenside bunkers and as a lob wedge from 40 yards in. The 59-degree loft would be used at around 50-55 yards in. 55-degree lofts would be fit for 60-65 yards in. Just bear in mind that at the end of the day, golfers will get varied results depending on their hit.

Is the C3i wedge legal in tournaments?

The manufacturer of this product ensures full legality certification. So, you can use it in any international tournament. There will be no obstacles at all. The C3i wedge is legal and you can be sure of this! It will give you an advantage over its competitors whilst following the rules and regulations. According to the USGA’s (United States Golf Association) informational directory, all C3i wedges are legal for amateurs and professional tournaments.

How do you hit a C3i wedge?

C3i wedge has an extra-wide lob wedge that assists the user to hit the ball correctly. The C3i wedge gives a high ball flight that advances a delicate arrival with a turn for shot-halting control making it ideal for the starting golf player striving to track down their game.


All in all, the C3i wedge is a fascinating wedge without any doubt. The club has the capability to provide the ball up so quickly from different lies without superior technique. The overall design of this product help golfers to hit the target perfectly. This is a great wedge for beginners. Professionals can also get a huge benefit from it.

Furthermore, if you want to play a short game, it will help you immensely. In a word, it is surely a piece of impressive golf equipment and you can purchase it without thinking so much. You won’t be disappointed at all.

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