Callaway Hex Tour Soft Golf Ball review

[ Top Quality ] Callaway Hex Tour Soft Golf Ball [ Read before you buy one ]

When you’re planning to shop for golf balls, Callaway is the name that immediately hits the mind.

They have a wide range of golf balls for different playing styles and expertise.

Out of all the variants, this one caught my eyes due to its soft feel and exceptional spinning power of Callaway Hex Tour Soft Golf Ball.

You’ll immediately fall in love with the “click” sound as it hits the clubface.

The Hex Tour is designed for players of low to mid handicap.

However, if you’re an advanced-level player who’s looking to try something new, do give this baby a try.

Tour golf balls are known for their exclusive quality.

The Callaway Hex Tour golf ball has a soft construction with many other premium features.

The newer version of the Hex is slightly firmer compared to its predecessor.

Let’s read through the article and find out more about the features of the Callaway Hex Tour Soft Golf Ball.

Features of Callaway Hex Tour Soft Golf Ball

Callaway Hex Tour Soft Golf Ball

Callaway has a number of an incredible range of golf balls.

However, it’s safe to say that the Hex Tour is one of their finest creations.

They have come up with this one after thorough research to create something that will take your golf expeditions to a new level.

These golf balls are excellent for both control seekers and distance lovers.


Callaway Hex Tour

The ball has a three-piece construction that ensures remarkable durability and control.

The cover of the ball is made with Thermoplastic Polyurethane with Hex aerodynamic design.

The hex design paired up with the 332 dimples ensures the ball flies without much drag on it.

The outer layer is created with Soft Surlyn with a thickness of 0.042-inches of thickness.

The core is made with Polybutadiene that is known for its exceptional durability even against the roughest encounter.

Callaway Hex Tour Soft Golf Ball


The core of the Callaway Hex Tour Soft Golf ball is made with Polybutadiene plastic.

This core material helps the golfer hit a long range with top-notch accuracy in their shots.

This unique plastic component is highly elastic which makes it super flexible as well.

The core enhances the spin separation so that you can hit a straight shot with great distance.

Due to the high elasticity level, it has a low compression rate that allows the golfer to make straighter and longer shots with better precision.

The material is highly resistant which reduces the possibilities of wear and tear.

It ensures durability so that you can make the best of the money you spend on the balls.


Tour Soft Golf Ball

You probably got the gist from the name of the ball that it comprises of a softcover.

However, don’t assume that the ball will not be durable due to softcover technology.

The ball features a Thermoplastic Urethane cover with 0.034 thickness.

It has a 332 unique dimple design that helps to reduce drag and reduce path alteration due to wind.

It’s engineered to provide high resilience as it passes through the air with reduced friction.

You can achieve higher velocity with greater accuracy during the game with the Hex Tour.

Callaway Hex Tour Soft Golf Ball review


Tour golf balls have raved for their ability to travel farther through the air.

Well, the Callaway Hex Tour takes a praiseworthy note in that criteria.

Thanks to the unique core technology, this ball can travel long distances with superior accuracy.

Hex Design 

The hex design stands for hexagonal design.

The hex design is one of the features that makes this ball super unique and noteworthy.

The design helps to reduce the air drag on the ball and generate better aerodynamics.

These balls are designed to fly in a straight trajectory during the flight.

Skill Level

One thing we absolutely love about these golf balls is that it’s designed for players with all skill levels.

Beginners can use this ball to improve their game and the professionals can enjoy a fun golf session with this bunch.

The ball can cover a long distance which will be adored by the new golfers.

Also, you will be able to achieve greater control on ground shots, chips shots, and even pitch shots.

This feature will come in handy for professional players.


  • Highly durable
  • Three-piece construction
  • Soft feel on the clubface
  • Suitable for both newbies and professionals
  • Tour performance
  • Able to travel up to 15 yards on regular shots
  • Excellent control with optimum accuracy


  • Only one color
Callaway Hex Tour Soft Golf Balls


How many golf balls does each pack come in?

You’ll get 24 golf balls in each pack. You can purchase the Callaway Hex Tour Golf Balls directly from Amazon.

What is the country of origin?

The Callaway Golf Balls are made in Taiwan.

What colors available?

The Callaway Hex Tour is available in only one color. The white colors are easier to find in the greens.

How far the Hex Tour can travel?

This golf ball has excellent distance coverage due to its lightweight core and unique dimple pattern. You can achieve a longer distance in a straight direction without altering the trajectory.

Is it hard to control the ball?

There is a general misconception that softcover balls are harder to control compared to hard ones. Well, this one is a tour-quality golf ball that is super easy to control on the greens.

Final Thoughts 

Whether you play competitive golf or just as a recreation on weekend, the Callaway Hex Tour Soft Golf Ball has got you covered.

It is a top-tier golf ball that will help you take your game to the next level.

Generally, tour-quality golf balls come at a steep price tag.

However, this one has a moderate price so that you can purchase it without making a dent in your wallet.

The ball has excellent control with a superior range that you’ll immediately fall in love with.

The urethane cover generates tons of greenside spin with a higher flying range.

You can surely give this one a try if you’re looking for a high-quality tour golf ball. Also you can check it out our some Top picks about best budget Golf Balls

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