Callaway Strata Review: Is This The Best Club Set to Buy in 2021 ?

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You now decided to start golf and you came across multiple Callaway Strata Review and now wondering, is it worth buying? That's what we will try to answer in this Callaway Strata Review.

You can feel the excitement tingling in your nerves. Those feet are itching to step on the
course. You’ve already watched a ton of YouTube videos on how to properly play the game.

You just feel totally ready to get that ball flying into the hole! But, still have a bit of a problem.

Your clubs are still waiting to be chosen from the store racks (or from Amazon).

Your smile slowly fades as you think about choosing what to buy. You know how draining it would be to pick each club you will need in the course. Well, need not to worry, my friend. What I’m about to let you on is a thorough review of the Callaway Strata Club Set. If you’re still an entry-level golfer with a reasonable reservation about spending too much on golf clubs, this might just be the right pick for you.

callaway strata review

Callaway Strata Review: The Key Features To Talk About

Let's start dissecting this Callaway Strata Review. There are a lot of features to discuss, but we tried to talk about the most important ones.  

12-piece collection for beginners

If you don’t really have a clue on what set to go for, I’ll give you a hint. It will make total
sense to go with the 12-piece starter set. Callaway Strata Club Set offers a commendable 12-piece collection. If you are on a budget and totally new to the game, you wouldn’t go wrong with this.

This club set comes with three woods, four irons, one wedge, one putter, and a stand bag. With their collection of clubs, Callaway Strata already covers a lot of bases. Considering this set costs less than most golf set, this deal is SUPERB.

Sure, it is not as extensive as pro-golfers’ set would tend to be. But hear me out, for novice and high handicappers, this already provides plenty of options to complete your game.

460cc Titanium Driver

A good quality driver is important for any golfer. You should know what to look for in a driver that your bag should have. Fortunately, this starter set provides it just for you. Don’t be too excited though. Being new to the game, you might still have to wait a few
months before you can actually swing that driver.

So please, no opening this Callaway Strata Club Set and heading straight to the course
wanting to immediately start with the driver.

Most novice would take A LOT of practice sessions before they can use their driver with

Regardless of that, though, this set offers a titanium 10.5-degree driver. It measures 460cc in volume and has a large clubhead.

This feature results in enough sweet spot to give you that amazing forgiveness off the tee box. Also, with its 12-degree loft, it will give your ball a straighter and longer flight.
Although you can’t use this thing right away, having this good driver in your set would serve you well soon enough.

Low-Profile 3-wood

The 3-wood in the Callaway Strata Club Set is designed with a 15-degree loft and a 42.5-
inch shaft. This makes this club dependable in giving you the consistency and distance you need off the tee box.

The club’s low profile keeps its center of gravity at the rear. This help new golfers in gaining maximum distance in their hits and to carry on their drives.

The 42.5 inch shaft also helps improve swing speed and control. Better than what the longer drive in this set can provide.

It is also amazing that with its aerodynamic head-shape, you won’t have to worry about
missing the greens anymore. Now isn’t that what you want?

Wide-Soled 5-hybrid

It is a known fact that new golfers have a hard time hitting with a 5-iron. Fortunately, 5-hybrid takes that iron’s place in this set. Callaway Strata Club Set has a 5-hybrid that some would like to call a masterpiece of a club.

It gives you both the benefits of a wood and an iron in a single club. This particular 5-hybrid provides a more solid contact upon impact. Its wide sole also gives the clubhead the ability to slide underneath the golf ball. This will result in a better launch angle and more ball height.

callaway strata review in 2020

5-hybrid will prove to be essential for your game, especially on the tee box and from the
fairway on longer par-4s and par-5s.

Its 26-degree loft and 37.75-inch length will also provide you the accuracy you need.
Although with that loft, it’s not much different from the 6-iron included in the set. The style of the clubhead, though, provides an edge that an iron cannot give a new golfer.

Cavity-Backed Irons

Callaway Strata Club Set includes four irons, beginning from the 6-iron up until the 9-iron. All of these four irons are cavity-backed, meaning they have an extra steel pushed to the outer rims of their clubheads. This feature is particularly focused on providing better balance and maximum forgiveness.

These irons are specifically for game-improvement too. They help high handicappers in
getting the ball into the air and to keep it straight without losing distance control.

Perimeter-Weighted Pitching Wedge

A pitching wedge is something you just can’t leave behind. Saying that, you must have a
pretty good one inside your bag. Callaway Strata Club Set provides just the right pitching wedge for you.

An average golfer will benefit a lot from this wedge. It is particularly useful around 100 yards in to the green and I am sure, you understood that already from this Callaway Strata Review. 

The pitching wedge has a 44-degree loft. It is a little higher than what’s ideal but no one can’t deny it is still a performer on the course.

Anything from getting to the green or getting away from hazards, this pitching wedge will be able to help you. It is the heaviest iron in this set. This provides accuracy for beginning golfers while also adding distance to their short games.

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Blade-Style Putter

Putting well is something every golfer should aim to do. And what better way to achieve that than to get the perfect putter that works well for you, right? Aside from continuous practice, of course.

If you agree, I have excellent news for you. Callaway Strata Club Set provides you with a
blade-style putter that you will be thankful for as a novice.

It does a decent job of promoting forward roll and getting the ball to the cup. That’s saying something since most putter in complete sets can’t work well in the green. This benefit comes from the extended steel behind the putter’s face. It helps balance and
level the stick on the green.

It has one downside though. You still have to put a larger grip on it in order to stabilize your stroke.

Lightweight Multi-pocketed Stand Bag

If you’re on the golf course, you also wouldn’t just need to have your clubs with you. Rain
gear, extra towels, drinks, balls, and tees. These are important to carry as well. Callaway Strata Club Set comes with a bag that has room for all these. The bag has five pockets to cater your necessities. It has a cooler pocket to keep your drinks cool. It has a rain hood and, also, a comfortable backpack strap.

It is also good if you want to have a bit of an exercise and walk around the course. That
wouldn’t be a problem with its two sturdy legs. Two Head Covers Still looking for a little extra?

Well, this Callaway Strata Club Set also comes with two head covers. It will protect and
cushion the top two woods in the set. Say no to collection of unsightly scratches and dings with this feature. Isn’t that another ‘wow’ moment?


  • Ideal for beginners and high handicappers
  • Affordable
  • Good quality materials
  • Provides plenty of options


  • Putter needs a larger grip
  • Needs additional sand and lob wedge
  • Pitching wedge’s loft degree is a bit higher than ideal

Frequently Asked Questions

For what type of golfers is Callaway Strata Club Set ideal?
Answer: A starter set is designed to give new golfers a bunch of clubs to select from.
Callaway Strata Club Set is no different. It is designed to fit the needs of new golfers
and high handicappers with its entire collection.

Will I still need to buy additional clubs if I buy Callaway Strata Club Set?
Answer: Unfortunately, yes. Let’s be real here, not one starter club set in the world is
ever made “complete.” It just doesn’t include all the right clubs you should have had
in the golf course. Don’t worry though. You won’t need to spend too much money.

Buying a sand and lob wedge would be good. You might want to purchase a new
putter too. That is if your budget will still allow it.

What Do We Think? 

Callaway Strata Club Set is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for golf novice and high handicappers. It provides you with options probably worth more than the dollars you will have to spend. And did I mention it is manufactured by one of the most trusted brands in the golf industry?

Well, there you have it. Inexpensive yet durable. I just can’t emphasize this enough: it is a cost-efficient, functional golf set ideal for entry-level golfers.

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  1. Understand that this Callaway Strata Set has a limited number of clubs. The women s Strata set ships with a driver, 5-wood, 5-hybrid, 7-iron, 9-iron, sand wedge, putter, and bag. The men s Strata set includes a 3-wood instead of a 5-wood and adds a 6-iron and an 8-iron.

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