Christmas and Golf
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Top Gift Items Of 2021 – 15 Hottest Golf Gifts Of 2021

At golferwatch we have curated the 15 best golf presents for the beloved in your life for the holiday season!! For the golfer in your life, a golf gift is a no-brainer, right? After all, what other sport or hobby has the plethora of gear that golf has? From clubs to balls, trinkets to trash,…

Playing golf in fall
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[Top 7] Best Golf Balls for Fall

Which is the Best Golf Ball to buy if you have a high Golf Handicap? Losing Golf Balls Picture this. You are putting all your golf equipment in your car to drive to the nearest golf course and you made sure that you have looked at all the Irons, the Drivers, the balls, and the…

Best Golf Books
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[ Top 7 ] Best Golf Books Of All Time [ You should read one ]

The more you practice, the better you get. This is more true when it comes to the sports world. However, practice is not all that matters. You have to be effective where you are trying to be efficient. This is particularly true when it comes to golf- because golf is more than just swings- it’s…

Best Golf Apps for Apple Watch
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[ Top 7 ] Best Golf Apps For Apple Watch [ Read before you chose one ]

Technology has entered every aspect of our lives and we do not even have to use our eyes that carefully thanks to the innovations. Apple is a brand that is way ahead of many other brands that focus on technology. They constantly upgrade their products and you also have to find the apps that make…