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Which is better, gas or electric golf cart? [ Step by step calculation ]

The world’s most popular games of golf have interesting and noticeable debates. One of the worldly debates is whether gas or electric golf carts are better in the golf court. The discussion will not finish until we know about both of these cart in-depth details.

When one has considered buying a cart, he should determine the first step is to decide whether to buy a gas or electric golf cart. This two main variety offers a range of benefits and drawbacks, and understanding them plays a role in the selection process.

Here you choose the best article to know this comparison between gas and electric golf carts to get which one is best for your needs and budget.

Let’s start.

Engine and Operation

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The first thing we will know is what makes these two different, by their engine. The gas cart runs on a combustion engine, usually a four-stroke engine and some old model’s two-stroke engine.

But the is no significant difference in performance. This cart needs regular gas to power up it, just like a general car. That’s why it is more powerful than an electric car. The electric golf cart uses a rechargeable battery pack. The batteries need to recharge every day when it goes power down after a time of running.

Nowadays, modern golfer’s using solar panels to avoid embarrassing situations on the golf court. Besides, take advantage of green energy and minimize plugging. Most of the electric carts are 36-volt to 48-volt. But in 2021, a variety of 56-volt and 72-volt has been seen.

Price & Availability/im

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The gas golf cart or the electric golf cart, price depends on its model, customization, retailer location. Generally, you will be misunderstood, if you compare the price only.

Because they have verities of common fact like outlet location and their transportation cost, different type of parts using, how often you maintain and repair or its cost, how long it last, is it environmental and eco-friendly, etc.

Generally, a new gas golf cart price is $7000 to $15000 and depends on customization (2 strokes, 4 strokes engine, and other related things) sometimes $20000.

In 2021, the new model of electric cart price is a little more than the gas cart, and $9000 to $15000 and sometimes $16000 to above $20000, because of seating passengers (2 passengers, 4 passengers, 6 passengers, 8 passengers).

But if you talk about old carts, then there are very few chances to get good condition gas golf cart than an electric golf cart after 4 years or 5 years using. Gas golf cart every part will be old day by day.

As the result, need to check and maintain at a high cost.

For one electric golf cart, you have only a routine check for battery water level and acid level. But don’t need that much hustle to high cost. If the battery damage, the body will remain in the same condition, change the battery is enough for it.

Looking at availability, the electric cart is more seen in the markets from 2018 to 2021. People are avoiding CO emissions and choosing environmental and eco-friendly electric carts. The electric cart uses fewer parts and maintenance cost is low, and that’s why electric carts are more available than gas-powered carts in the markets.

Maintenance and Repair cost

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The gas golf cart has less maintenance than a routine check of an electric cart, which is the best side. You can check and change the oil, replace filters & look everything over in scheduling a year. For the electric cart, need a routine check-up for battery water level only.

On the other hand, electric golf carts are very easy to maintain. You won’t worry about oil changes, replacing spark plugs. Gas golf carts need things like oil changes and replacement parts. Obviously, you need to repair anything from a spark plug to a starter belt. And if you aren’t able to DIY it, you have to cost for both labor and material costs. Gas carts also require a steady stream of fuel, which will cost you every time.

On the other hand, electric carts have less cost due to limited parts to use, which you can easily maintain. Gas golf carts need fuel until blank the tank. Electric golf carts require charging and need to recharge after every single use. If you want to go on a long-distance, then a gas cart is the better choice for you. You do not need to wait for hours for the battery to recharge.

You need to make sure you already have a full tank of gas. Gas golf cars are a more practical choice. Also, they have much range of travel; you can go many miles further on a tank of gas than you can on a charge of a battery!

The everyday fuel cost of a gas cart is more than an electric cart. According to the national statistic of the US, the average bill is about $0.12 per hour. Maximum $0.33 and minimum $0.08 per hour.

So, if you multiply that by the six kilowatts you’ll use in your cart, you get a cost of about $0.48 to $1.98 for whenever you recharge your cart’s battery.

Strength, Reliability, and durability

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Now let’s talk about strength & durability.

Earlier 1957-1963 (Max Walker/Harley-Davidson), it was the only choice and trustworthy for both golfer and general peoples after inventing this style. But this modern century in the electric cart era comes with great prices and a comprehensive way of golf society. 

Gas golf carts are made of steel materials and are a little heavy, weighty. So, it has a strong body strength and durability and has longevity due to its gas combustion two or four-stroke engines. In the full tank of fuel, it can run about 200miles and 19miles to 25miles per hour speed.

On the contrary, an electric cart’s strength & durability depends on the make style and model. The older version of the 36-volt battery engine is less considering to gas engine, but the new version of 48-volt has more strength & durability than a gas engine.

Some Yamaha and EZ GO AC carts can run with more energy, 20miles to 24miles per hour, with 56-volt 13.1Hp and 72-volt 22.4Hp. You can easily ride in hills even better than a gas golf cart for the lightweight new plastic rear seat kit with trunk & cup holders.

It is more convenient when golfers just park the cart in the sun to recharge the battery by a solar panel set up on top of the roof. However, gas golf carts can run the whole day with a full tank and electric golf carts can run until finish the battery charge, though they can complete a game easily. And its new battery life is about five to seven years long.

So, both are reliable in the perspective way you look into.

Environmental & Eco-friendly 

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Golf courses are always charming places with an abundance of vegetation, fauna, and wildlife. So definitely it should be kept environmental & eco-friendly. Gas golf carts use fuel and emit carbon monoxide.

This is a similar scenario you will find in a crowded town with dense traffic and busy road. Nobody will feel good with that bad smell, and the staff around in this place will irritate and break their concentration on the game.

If the cart got stuck somehow in the middle of a game, then it will be a great hustle for repairing it. Some older models are less efficient in controlling emissions, but the newer ones have improved the exhaust and minimize the gas smell.

But the electric cart stands out with the big difference. This rechargeable battery doesn’t produce any emissions and doesn’t need to use a combustion engine. Most golfers or peoples like to stay clean and fresh. That’s one of the main reasons, the electric cart is going much popular nowadays. Apart from pollution or emission, an electric golf cart is cleaner than a gas golf cart.

Because they don’t need to use much oil to start and if eventually battery power fails to run, this electric cart will stay eco-friendly nevertheless.

So, undoubtedly, people will choose the electric cart, which is sensitive in this case.

Noise Level

gas or electric golf cart for beach

Do you know what makes golf so enjoyable? Imagine you were born in a busy city and grown-up. Then, once you visited a rural area, far from town, and you feel like you have been deaf.

You hear any noise, horn, or sound of a vehicle passing you. You just can hear the sound of the wind that makes from trees, the sweet singing of birds. Then you guessed the right, it is quietness, really made enjoyable the golf.

Gas golf carts are relatively very noisy. It can be felt bitter when you can’t concentrate on your very important moments in the game and lost the game in the last moments. Then definitely, you will regret and revile that guy.

A noisy field of golf or golf cart can ruin your golf experience at times. In electric carts, it is a rare thing to come. Not only you can reach your every hole very silently, but also your neighbors will not get any disturbance from your side.

This cart can give you full contentment in the golf field, and you can get tireless and enjoyable golf. In the reality, no combustion engine can fix noise in the world that can eliminate sound. This is natural that every combustion engine will rumble. This makes a much better choice for every keen golfer and concern about noise.

Pros and Cons for both of Gas and Electric golf cart


Gas golf cart:

  • Very Fast and have a higher top-end speed
  • Can pull more weight with them.
  • Powerful engine
  • Easy to fuel
  • More customization
  • Steady and easy to handle.
  • Can drive in the road at a faster speed.
  • Strength and durability.
  • Good speed controller

Electric golf cart:

  • Easy to maintenance.
  • Environmental & eco-friendly.
  • No CO emission.
  • Less noise pollution.
  • Maintenance cost low.
  • Fewer parts were used.
  • Great performance.
  • Solar battery recharging advantage.
  • Cleaner than a gas golf cart.


Gas golf cart:

  • Maintenance cost high.
  • High noise pollution.
  • Vibration.
  • Emission CO.
  • Use fuel.

Electric golf cart:

  • Battery breakdown or lose charge.
  • Less speed than gas cart engine.
  • Often water and acid level checking.
  • Get slower speed after less charge.
  • Less towing capability.
  • Can’t carry much weight.


Now you have described the differences and the debate is nearly closed. Who wins in this competition? Can you choose one? Both are a win in their perspective of advantages. Before buying one, you have to determine which purposes you need to fulfill. 

This is crystal clear of buying electric golf carts than gas golf carts, because of benefits mentioned above that 80% of golfers are determined. If you don’t need to ride high hills, less weight, and driven long routes then this right choice instead.

Although, gas-powered carts are stronger, steadier, and speedy.

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