How To Grip And Regrip A Golf Club

How To Grip A Golf Club: How to Grip and Regrip? [ Read before play golf ]

There is no way you can outpace a golfer who has mastered his own unique grip.

Beyond the skills, the right way to grip a golf club impacts overall performance when you swing your way to success in golf tournaments.

Many beginners still ask the question How to grip a golf club?.

The grip is crucial to swinging with accuracy and precision because this serves as the main contact point between the player and the golf club.

Using damaged or torn grips can deliberately distort performance because you would lose control of the golf club if it’s not in top shape.

Golf clubs are very pricey so you would need to properly handle and maintain it.

Routine cleaning and maintenance are very important to ensure that your clubs would be efficient in matches.

There are different factors that could affect the efficiency and functionality of your golf clubs.

Grime, dirt, oil, and other elements can clog into the surface which leaves it slippery or slimy that you won’t be able to completely hold or grip the clubs.

More so, if you exert a lot of pressure or grip your clubs too tightly then you could damage or shorten their lifespan and stability.

Proper gripping of the club would avoid excessive wear and tear on the grips.

How To Grip And Regrip A Golf Club

How Do You Choose the Right Golf Grips To Regrip a Golf Club?

There are different elements to consider when choosing the proper golf grips to use when regripping a golf club.

Yes, you can do this right at home or hire a professional to work on it.


The size of your hand would determine the right fitting for golf grips.

There are different options to choose from depending on your measurements – standard size, midsize, undersized, and oversized grips.

You can use tape on your fingers for accuracy in the fitting.

Choosing the right grip size is crucial to your gameplay.

The key here is that when you grip the golf club, your fingers should be able to touch your thumb.

If it goes beyond that, then the grip may be too small for your size.

On the other hand, if the fingertips do not at all touch your hands, then the grips can actually be the wrong size and too large for you.

More so, there should be a balance in width because you can’t choose a grip that is too wide because it triggers a slice.

A narrow grip thought may cause a pull.

Wide grips may not trigger the right wrist maneuver but there are some players who choose wider grips because of arthritis or other health conditions.


When choosing a grip, you must check on its overall feel and stability.

Test it when swinging in your natural or relaxed stance.

Do not grip the club and exert too much pressure on it because it might not produce the results you wanted.

Most professional golf players prefer to put a glove on both hands and the lead hand for a more precise or firm grip.

There are players though who would prefer playing bare-handed.

It’s all a matter of adjusting to your comfort zone.

Firmness Level

A lot of professional golfers would have a neutral or relaxed grip on the clubs.

The light pressure seems to work better than being aggressive with your gripping technique.

The best way to control and target a hole or direction is to acquire stability in your swings.

You would need the right amount of speed and firmness to get it done right.

A firm grip is always a good move but be careful not to put excessive force on it because this may work against you.

Weather Conditions

Depending on your country’s or location’s weather conditions, you would need a grip that can fully work or adjust to these weather changes.

Many players would prefer a corded grip especially for wet weather conditions because it avoids any slips or the club flying out of the golfer’s hands when swinging.

There are polymer and plastic grips that would work great in hot weather conditions but could get very slippery in rainy weather.

A Video Demonstration on How To Grip A Golf Club ?

How To Regrip A Golf Club – The DIY Proces

Once you have chosen the right grip type for your club, then it’s time to regrip.

Here are the simple and straightforward steps to get it done.

  1. Peel Off the Old Grip: When cutting the old grip, avoid damaging the shaft and body. Just remove the old grip and then peel off the tape. Clean off the remaining debris with a clean cloth and grip cleaner.
  2. Put on a Grip Tape: Apply tape following a spiral pattern from the top to the end of the shaft. Add extra tape at shaft’s end in a lengthwise pattern. You can customize or layer the tape according to your preferred thickness.
  3. Put Solvent: Apply solvent into the end of the grip the shake evenly.
  4. Align and Slide into Place: With the solvent in the grips, align it properly and slide at the shaft making sure that the ends meet perfectly. Check the alignments and let it dry. Your grips should be replaced every so often to make sure that it’s working optimally. Whether you would hire a professional to regrip your golf club or just do it yourself, it is very important to maintain a cleanup schedule. Keeping your grips clean help extend its lifespan and enhance performance.

We hope you got your answer on How To Grip A Golf Club.

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