How To Hold A Golf Club

How To Hold A Golf Club Properly [ Step by step by guide ]

Ready to know about how to hold a golf club?

A lot of newbie golf players think that a good golf strategy is all about swinging.

However, popular and seasoned golf players, as well as tenured coaches, would say the grip is equally important with how you swing the golf club.

In fact, how you hold a golf club will determine if you’ll make a solid shot.

Your grip would allow you to control the force, speed, and precision of your swinging maneuver.

Grips are very important however a lot of people were focusing more on swinging and overlook the importance of having a good grip.

How to Hold a Golf Club: From Start

how to hold a golf club right handed

Starting out, you need to be fully relaxed and comfortable. Let it loose.

Your arms should be free from any tension and let it hang on the sides.

Take the golf club. Position the face of the club to the target.

The golf club’s butt should rest right below the hell of your hand and not at the palm.

The correct placement should be across your fingers and not really on your palm.

3 Golf Grips

The right grip is said to be synonymous with that of holding a banana.

You have to strike a good balance so you can eat it without it either slipping out of your hand or crushing it completely.

You can test out these different golf grips and choose what suits your strategy.

Vardon or Overlap Grip

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This clearly wins the popular vote for the best golf club grip style.

With this style, your pinky finger on the right should overlap or be on top of the space that lies in between the middle and index fingers.

Interlock Grip

The right positioning for this style is that the pinky finger of your right hand should be placed right under the index finger of your left hand.

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10-Finger or Baseball Grip

Beginners or newbie players of golf would normally use this grip style.

The left-hand placement is at the end of the golf club and the right hand is placed just under it or similar to how you grip a baseball bat.

The club should be in an upward position with the right hand on the top.

If you were to hold the club on the ground then the right hand would be below your left side.

Grip pressure has always been ignored or miscalculated but it is a very crucial factor in perfecting precision for your golf shots.

You can’t be too tense or forceful with your grips.

The recommend grip rate should be 3 or 4 on a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being the strongest).

Once you are able to right grip pressure and also holding your club, accuracy and consistency will follow.

Tips on Making that Proper Grip

Accuracy makes you hit the goal or the hole – every single time.

While nothing is perfect in every game. It is accuracy and precision that makeup winners in golf or any sport.

Consistency is said to partner up with accuracy and precision.

  • In order to hit your target, you must be able to square the clubface right at impact.
  • The golf grip is critical to hitting your target. The golf grip is what directly connects your body to the club face. The right grip style would entirely influence how you swing. If you need to change your golf grip then do so. This is how you can make sure the club face is on square position upon impact.
  • When swinging or about to swing, you have to be in a natural or relaxed position. A neutral grip when playing golf is recommended because this anatomical position is natural and perfects your swing.

Points on Golf Grip Pressure

Points on Golf Grip Pressure

When applying the right grip pressure, you should keep in mind the following:

  1. Pressure points
  2. The right amount of pressure

First off, you should not squeeze or grip the golf club too hard.

However, doing so will not provide you ample wrist control and also less forearm rotation when you do backswing or downswing.

This also decreases speed and can result in hooks or slices.

The proper golf grip should really be into the fingers or far from the wrists so as to increase clubhead speed and create enough leverage when you swing.

Grip pressure should be focused more on the top and bottom points of your golf club.

The rest should hang loose or feel relaxed.

Knowing the perfect grip would take several tries and experiment with different styles that would suit you.

There is also room to innovate your grips to get a good shot.

There really is no ideal or perfect golf grip (that’s the reality of how to hold a golf club guide).

The rules can change anytime – depending on how you optimize your grip styles.

To be safe, you need to maintain a neutral grip. However, there are star players with strong grips while others have weak ones.

Getting a good grip on your club would mean a hit. You can change styles and experiment with new ones.

Just to remember:

To hold a golf club, start by placing your dominant hand on the shaft of the club where it connects to the grip.

Then, lift the club at a 45-degree angle and place your other hand palm-up beneath the grip.

Wrap your bottom three fingers around it and set your thumb across the top of the grip.

The greatest discoveries in golf or in sports are generally coming from minds who aren’t afraid to challenge the norms.

This was our guide on how to hold a golf club. Did you enjoy the guide?

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