How to Make EZ Go Gas Golf Cart Faster

How to Make EZ Go Gas Golf Cart Faster [ Step by step guide ]

Golf carts are practical mini vehicles that can easily take golfers from hole to hole in the vast tract of any golf course. And recently, more and more users are beginning to take this tiny steed to the streets for running minor errands.

How to make EZ go gas golf cart faster? How to make gas golf carts faster in general? Keep reading. However, these golf carts usually run at a maximum speed of about 15 miles per hour. This slow pace makes it unsuitable for street driving.

Fortunately, there is a way to tweak your golf carts to give it a little speed boost and making sure that your EZ go gas golf cart goes faster. In this tutorial, I’ll show you,

A step-by-step guide on how to make EZ Go gas golf cart faster.

About EZ Go Gas Golf Carts

 how to make an electric golf cart faster without upgrades

EZ Go is one of the leading manufacturers of golf carts and similar light vehicles. The company manufactures both electric and gas-powered golf carts.

Golfers used to prefer electric cars over gas-powered ones; but with the trend of taking golf carts to the streets, more users are now shifting to gas. Among the manufacturers of gas-powered golf carts, EZ Go provides users with more promising features.

Their carts can usually take on heavier loads and would run faster than those of any other manufacturers. But most importantly, EZ Go gas golf carts are easier to modify.

Method A

 e-z-go rxv electric speed adjustment

EZ Go is known to manufacture two types of engines for their gas-powered golf cart line. For the first method, I’ll show you how you can make the modifications to their most common engine type.

Step 1

You must begin by making sure that the engine is completely turned off. This step not only guarantees your safety but also ensures that no damage will be caused to your golf cart’s engine.

Step 2

Expose the engine which is located at the bottom of your EZ Go gas golf carts. Depending on the model, you either have to loosen the screw or just pop the seat out.

A plastic panel is usually hidden underneath the seats – just unscrew the panel and you’ll be able to see your engine.

Step 3

 ezgo electric golf cart speed controller

Once your engine’s exposed, locate its carburetor and look for the thickest cable. Follow the cable until you see a spring that is held into place by one small nut and one large nut.

Step 4

After locating the spring, use two different wrenches to adjust the two nuts. Loosen the small nut first to allow adjustments to the larger nut. Tighten the larger nut by about a quarter turn first.

Step 5

Tighten the smaller nut again to make sure that the spring is securely in place.

Step 6

Start your engine and test the golf cart’s speed. If you’re not yet satisfied with the new speed, repeat the process of tightening the larger nut.

Step 7

Once you’re satisfied with the speed, you can now put the seats back on the cart. Don’t forget to screw the plastic panel over the engine.

Method B

The first method only works with around 90 percent of EZ Go gas golf carts, Which were manufactured with engines containing a governor spring.

For the other 10 percent, you may increase your cart’s speed with this second method.  

Step 1 

 club car ds speed upgrade

Before exposing your engine, always make sure that your golf cart is turned off. 

Step 2

Remove the seat from the cart to expose a plastic panel. Your engine is hidden under this panel, so just remove the screws to reveal your engine.

Step 3

Look for the line that’s connected to your clutch. The clutch is responsible for sending gas to your engine, so adjusting it to allow an increased gas flow will result in a faster engine.

This usually appears as a pedal, but also appears as a handle in some models.

Step 4

Once you’ve located the line connected to your clutch, you will see a cable attached to it. The nut attaching the cable to the metal can be loosened to increase the length of the cable.

Try to loosen the nut by only a slight turn first.

Step 5

Turn on your engine and test if it’s already your desired speed. If you’re still not satisfied, slightly loosen the nut again until you reach your desired speed.

Step 6

Put the plastic panel and the seats back in place, and enjoy your faster golf cart.

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Important Notes on How to Make EZ Go Gas Golf Cart Faster

 gas golf cart top speed

For both methods, always make sure to listen to how your engine roars.

If it makes whining noises, this means that you have gone too far with your adjustments.

Keep in mind that your golf cart’s engine can’t go as fast as regular vehicles.   

On the other hand,

if you want your golf cart to revert to its modest speed, just make the necessary adjustments in reverse.

These methods are not limited to those who want to take their EZ Go gas golf carts to the streets.

Those who feel like their carts are no longer functioning the way they used to can also try these methods to improve their performance.

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