Review of Kirkland Signature Golf Balls

Kirkland Signature Golf Balls Review In-Depth

Golf is a great pastime for everyone. Not only does it improve your focus and aim, but it also helps you develop a deep sense of sportsmanship.

I love that golf is a sport that you can play with all the members of the family.

Even young children and our senior grandparents can enjoy their time in the course – and it all depends on finding the perfect golf ball that can help them control their swing.

In this article, I’ll give you a detailed Kirkland Signature Golf Balls review, detailing its features and what makes it the perfect partner for a fun game on the field.

Kirkland Signature Golf Balls Review

Features To Be Noticed  From Kirkland Signature Golf Balls Review

The Kirkland Signature Golf Balls have a lot to offer, and this makes them one of the best golf balls for 2020. Here are just some of its notable features.

3-Piece Construction

The first thing that caught my eye was its 3-piece construction. Unlike ordinary golf balls, the Kirkland Signature Golf Balls have a core, a mantle, and a cover.

These layers have different functions but work harmoniously well to guarantee the best golf experience.


This golf ball is manufactured with a core that’s soft yet highly elastic.

This means that it can cover long distances even if you don’t have a powerful swing.

Being a low compression ball, this makes it a great ball for beginners who want to practice their swing.

This is also great for older golfers who are now swinging at lower speeds.


Between the core and the cover is the mantle.

The mantle serves to support the cover when receiving the blow from your swing, allowing the ball to optimize its spinning.

This prevents the ball from flying in a straight line, allowing you to have better control over it and help you win each game.


The Kirkland Signature Golf Balls boast of having a urethane cover that’s usually present in most premium golf balls. Urethane is best known for its softness which provides players with a great feel while playing.

This is the reason why urethane is mostly used in professional or tour-quality golf balls.

Additionally, this golf ball has over 300 dimple patterns, and this helps it spin better and faster. As a result, you can expect to play with an improved trajectory for higher distance coverage.


As previously mentioned, this golf ball is made of a polyurethane cover which is best known for its soft feel.

But despite its softness, it is also known for its durability.

Although urethane golf balls are less durable than those with surlyn covers, it is less prone to cuts and scrapes.

This allows it to retain its shape even after long game hours.


If there’s anything the Kirkland Signature Golf Balls is known for, it’s for being able to cover great distances.

The combination of its highly elastic core and patterned urethane cover allows it to make the most of the airflow to take it to great distances. As a result, even if you exert minimal power into your swing, this low compression golf ball is guaranteed to fly across the field with ease.

This is the reason why this golf ball is the preferred choice for those who are practicing their swing and trying to see how far it can go. Nevertheless, because of its high-performance construction, even experienced golfers love the feel of this golf ball.


Another noteworthy feature of the Kirkland Signature Golf Balls is how it spins. Thanks to its dimple patterns, this golf ball effectively heads towards the goal while spinning rapidly in the opposite direction of its flight.

This backward spinning motion allows it to fly high and cover longer distances.

With that in mind, the speed of how the ball spins depends on your swing.

This allows you to control your swing rate to effectively drive the ball to your desired distance.

But bear in mind that this golf ball has a 3-piece construction made with a soft core, a mantle that optimizes spins, and a urethane cover.

This means that each golf ball has low compression, and this makes it highly controllable.

In other words, it offers excellent greenside control – with each swing optimizing its spins for unparalleled trajectory.

More particularly, this is the perfect ball for iron and wedge shots.

Other Features

I’d also like to highlight that it comes in a white color that allows it pops easily in a sea of greens. This makes it easy to find, thereby reducing the time you have to spend looking for it and more time to enjoy the game.

With all these features in mind, there’s no denying that the Kirkland Signature Golf Balls is one of the best in the market today. Making it more incredible is its affordable price for 24 golf balls. True enough, you’re getting the best value for your money with this set of golf balls.


  • This product offers great value for your money.
  • The polyurethane cover serves to protect the ball from ordinary wear and tear.
  • It is great for beginners, amateur golfers, and other players who have slow swing rates.
  • It provides you with adequate control, especially over greens.


  • Its white color is prone to stains from the field.
Review of Kirkland Signature Golf Balls

Frequently Asked Questions

Are polyurethane covers good for golf balls?

Yes, polyurethane covers are good for golf balls. Polyurethane is a synthetic rubber material that offers great resistance to scratches and cuts. It also gives you a soft feel so you won’t feel like you’re trying to hit stones with your club. Most premium professional and tour-grade golf balls have covers made of polyurethane.

Is this golf ball durable?

It is one of the common questions of every customer when they go through Kirkland Signature Golf Balls Review. Kirkland Signature Golf Balls are made of premium materials that are specifically designed to withstand the ordinary wear and tear involved in playing golf. As such, it promises excellent durability.

Do Kirkland Signature Golf Balls come in different colors?

These golf balls are only available in white. This allows it to easily stand out in the course for golfers and caddies to find. We hope you got all the expected arisen question answers from the FAQ section of our Kirkland Signature Golf Balls Review.


As you have gone through our  Kirkland Signature Golf Balls Review, you can see that this golf ball lives up to its promise to provide players with excellent feel, performance, and high spins to cover long distances.

With a core that’s soft and highly elastic, you can expect this golf ball to travel long distances even with your most modest swing.

This is paired with a polyurethane cover and a high-spin mantle to give you the best control over the ball.

Overall, this set of golf balls offers the best value for the money.

It comes in a box of 24 pieces for an affordable price. And considering all the features it offers, you know you’re going to have a great game without drilling a hole in your pocket.

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