Ray Cook Putter Reviews

Ray Cook Putter reviews [ with pros & cons ]

In this ray cook putter review, we will be looking at the pros and cons of Ray Cook putters. Let us now go through the article to know more about this product.

Getting the right club and putter for your golfing sessions can make a key difference in your gameplay. The good putter needs not only to be lightweight and aesthetically pleasing to look at, But also full of high-quality features and be of exceptional service to the player. But it is not really easy to get the putter of your dreams without knowing much about them in the first place.

To make your struggles a tad bit easier to deal with,

We have selected the Silver Ray SR500 Putter as our winner putter for this article.

Check out this amazing product below to really know what it is like and why exactly you need to get it!

Ray Cook Putter Silver Ray SR500

Ray Cook Putter reviews

In golf, what separates an elite player from an average golfer? Where do average golfers lose their strokes? The answer is putting. To putt it better, one should take a more breakaway stance, widen their stance slightly, and open up their arms in the practice green. 

The alignment line can help players sink more putts. The difference between an elite player and a high handicapper is that the latter typically lacks short game skills.

The Ray Cook Putters is one of the best putters currently found in the market.

This amazing product is one of a kind and will definitely be worth your hard-earned money.

Main Features of Ray Cook Putters

Ray Cook makes some of the best putters available. There are many reasons for this. The company has a reputation for building quality golf clubs that come with innovative designs. The company was founded by the renowned golfer Ray Cook in 1980.

Material: Heavier than the Mallet Style Putter 

This Ray Cook Golf Silver Putter has been constructed with only the highest quality aluminum steel material.

The putter is a beautiful work of art while being good weight.

You can easily swing this putter across without really giving a second thought to its speed and force, as the product takes care of balance and stability all by itself.

Comfortable Grip

The grip on this bad boy is amazing, it’s not an oversized grip.

We totally love how this great putter has a midsize grip to it, therefore allowing people of all ages and built to be able to make use of the product.

If your hands are small and dainty, then these Ray Cook Putters might just be the one for you.

The grip is also paddled and can be held onto tightly, even if and when your hands are sweaty. The new grip and matching headcover have a striking black appearance with red and white details.

This eye-appealing feature makes the putter really convenient for people who constantly sweat even on cold days.

Ray Cook Putter review


The offset on this putter is a double bent full shaft one, thus you know you will be hitting big and high.

The putter has a head weight of only 360 grams, while they lie and loft on this pretty putter is of 70* and 3* respectively.

The head-on putter is also slightly bent, in order to provide more fluid and water-style strokes to its users every time. You probably already have a nice headcover for your putter. I’m not going to overplay it because many putters come with one from the factory.

The best thing about this product is that it also comes with a headcover, therefore your product will also be in good shape and condition all year round.

Worried your putter will get ruined due to rainwater and harsh sun rays?

Just put the cover on and you will be good to go!

A lot of customers have claimed that the head of this ray cook putters is extremely stable and will not tilt even if you hit it extremely hard and high with it.

This makes the putter very popular amongst youngsters who prefer going all out instead of playing slow and steady.

Ray Cook Putter reviews


This putter is ideal for right-handed people, which in turn, reduces the versatility of the product.

But it’s just a generalization that this ray cook putter is actually really beautiful and can be done a lot with.

The product is very unique too, so you will definitely love showing it off to your friends and other partners on the field. This golf silver ray sr500 model is great for the average golfer.


  • No extra weight, weighing only 0.61 kilograms
  • High-quality midsize grip
  • The grip on this product is padded
  • High quality steel construction
  • Durable and strong mallet putter headcover
  • This model has great price than the other putters 
  • Great feel than the other models


  • The Ray Cook Putter is unfortunately not meant for left-handed people, which actually limits its versatility by numbers.
  • Sometimes the shaft split along the double bend
  • PING sound is not up to the mark

About the brand

Ray Cook Putter has been famous and well known for ages now, due to how popular the brand had gotten amongst many golfers.

The putters and other clubs produced by this amazing brand soon reached out to its players in the most positive way possible.

Fans started to indulge themselves in this brand due to how convenient, budget-friendly and unique the clubs and putters manufactured by this brand are.

For instance, simply taking a look at our new line putter will give you a brief idea of how beautifully crafted and framed this amazing putter is.


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Our Verdict on Ray Cook Putter Reviews

In short, this amazing product is not only perfect for newbies, but also for players who have been on the field for ages now.

You will definitely love this amazing putter if you like something old school and not to mention, budget-friendly.

The comfortable grip and hold of this incredible Ray Cook Putter is a force to be reckoned with and will put everyone in the field in awe.

Albeit having limited dexterity, this great putter is indeed really versatile in other cases and comes with its own sense of value and reasonable price.

The build of the product has been from the highest quality aluminum steel, known to be waterproof and prone to premature bending and rusting.

The shaft of this great putter is also long enough to be held comfortably by people over the height of 5 feet 8 inches.

Lots of customers reviewed this product and claimed it to be one of the very best they have ever laid their eyes upon.

We are sure you will reciprocate this feeling too!

In any case, this ray cook golf putter is an extremely worthy buy and will definitely be worth your money.

The putter is strong, durable, and definitely versatile.

This cook golf silver ray model has more stability, great balance, and will provide the best rolling and bouncing for your golf balls.


You should also know the cons of it stretch out to its somewhat cheap painting.

The painting in this instance is known to peel off under some circumstances too.

In a nutshell, try not to make use of this mallet putter on humid and rainy days.

There are some important things to consider before you spend hundreds of dollars on a new putter. For example, These striking black finish highlighted putters are designed for most right-handed players, but they might not be the right choice for those who play on slow greens. The problem is that putting with an excessively heavy putter can be really hard, there is no hard and fast rule to know your own personal preferences.


In short, this amazing product is one that you definitely need to get your hands on, as the product is not only a beautiful buy but also very convenient and versatile.

The Ray Cook golf putter is a wonderful purchase, as you can do so much with this great product. They have a long history of success on professional tours and they also produce several new styles for high handicapper, so they’re not the cheap manufacturer you think they are.

Starting from the construction of the product to the design, this mallet putter is a beautiful one and packs in a mighty punch.

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