Square Strike Wedge Reviews

[ Top Quality ] Square Strike Wedge Reviews: [ Is it Worth Buying? ]

You came here to find out if Square Strike Wedge is worth buying or not.

That’s exactly what I would describe in this Square Strike Wedge review.

I will assume then that you know wedges are among the most important content of your golf bag.

This is simply because it takes part in a lot of golf action.

About 50% of all golf shots are short-game-oriented. That means choosing the right wedge is crucial.

It will determine whether you will put yourself at an embarrassing disadvantage or give yourself an edge with the right equipment.

I now won’t let you wait any further.

Here’s an in-depth Square Strike Wedge review that will help in making your decision.

Key Features of Square Strike Wedge Reviews.

Square Strike Wedge Reviews

Let’s dive deep into this Square Strike Wedge review by analyzing the key features first.

Putter-length Shaft

The Square Strike Wedge has a short, 35-inch shaft.

This is the standard length for a putter.

It is often missed among new golfers that the longer your shaft is, the harder it will be to hit well.

Longer shafts are only made for users to get more distance out of their hits.

This particular wedge, though, won’t let you hit your shots very far.

Instead, it will give you the astonishing accuracy many golfers have already raved about.

This specific feature makes it easier for beginners and high handicappers to improve their short games around the green.

It would feel similar to using a putter so the golfer only needs one stroke for the entirety of their short game.

Wide Sole

mazel chipper vs square strike

Its extra-wide sole is dubbed as an Anti-Chunk Sole.

A smooth glide along the turf can be achieved by gently curved from the back to front and from heel to toe.

The sole of Square Strike Wedge also features a series of shallow grooves to reduce fiction in sticky or matted grass.

This will help a golfer not to dig into the grass.

This wide sole helps for a smooth stroke that would solidly connect to the golf ball in each swing.

45-degree Loft

With this 45-degree loft, the Square Strike Wedge resembles a nine-iron.

It is way different from other chipping irons which tend to be more similar to seven-iron.

This is because they have more upright lofts.

This 45-degree loft, however, allows more lift to the golfer’s hit.

This makes the wedge particularly helpful in thicker rough and areas.

Where you need a higher shot to get the ball into the hole.

Weighted Clubhead

square strike wedge canada

The clubhead weighs 330 grams in total.

This is the standard weight for most putting heads.

The Square Strike Wedge’s extra weight slows you down.

This successfully minimizes the overactivity of a golfer’s hand and wrist.

With that being the lead cause for fat and thin chip shots, this wedge will help a golfer tremendously.

Just imagine eliminating most of the common swing mistakes you often and may commit.

Amazing, right? But you also need to take note of the downsides of this feature.

Because of its extra weight, it will be harder to hit on full shots.

Also, since the shaft is shorter than most, the clubhead speed won’t be much.

This, then, leads to an extreme challenge in putting a zip on the ball.

Blade-Putter Shape

The uniqueness this Square Strike Wedge is most known for is how it is shaped like a putter.

It has a 68-degree lie which is more upright than most irons.

The traditional ones only have a lie of 62 degrees.

What the company did was extend the center of the wedge.

This gives it a larger area for more quality contact.

This feature also entails that the golfer could utilize the blade and adjust the speed and power of the chip.

Unique Weighting System

square strike wedge canada (2)

Regardless of your setup position, the Square Strike Wedge has a unique weighting system that ensures the club’s rotation through the ball.

Even if wedges traditionally require an open stance, this wedge’s weighting system eliminates that change in a swing style.

You won’t struggle to adjust your swing anymore.

Note that even if that’s helpful for beginners, that may open doors for bad swing habits to walk through.

Some shots would actually require you to open your stance.

If you want to be a well-rounded golf player, you must totally be comfortable with that.

How Many Clubs Should Be There In A Golf Bag (2)

Centered Center of Gravity

The Square Strike Wedge’s center of gravity is enhanced to be precisely located at the center of the clubface.

This feature is particularly essential in improving your chipping.

Having the COG in the clubface’s center provides a solid stroke to the ball.


  • Accurate
  • Good for chipping
  • Very good at producing low running shot
  • Helps improve short game performances
  • Glides smoothly along turfs
  • Easier swing motion
  • Allows more lift on hits
  • Solid contact on every swing


  • No versatility
  • Less spin
  • Launches at a lower angle
  • Not good at full shots
  • Can lead to bad swing habits

Frequently Asked Questions About Square Strike Wedges

1. For whom is the Square Strike Wedge designed?

Answer: Regardless of age and skill set, Square Strike Wedge is specifically developed to cater to the needs of those who are having trouble with their short games.

2. How does it perform in long grass?

Answer: Square Strike Wedge functions absolutely well in short grass.

Unfortunately, it is not recommended in the long grass.

3. Is it legal to use in tournaments?

Answer: Yes, it is. It adheres to all golf guidelines so you won’t have to worry about breaking any rules.

Final Words

Square Strike Wedge really performs well.

It is effective in fulfilling its promise of a good low-running chip or pitch shot.

It is accurate. It provides solid contact and it definitely improves your short game.

But that’s the end of it. There is no versatility with this wedge at all.

That, then, becomes a problem for if you truly desire to be an exceptional wedge player, having shot options for various situations is what you should aim for. Unfortunately,

Square Strike Wedge doesn’t give you that.

But if you are really terrible at short games and learning the proper techniques with pitch or chip shots, I wouldn’t really stop you from buying this.

Remember, though, that this should be more of a last resort. Spending more time to master the game is still more recommendable.

Also, there are more efficient wedges out there in the market.

With their improved modern designs, they are easier to hit with and far more versatile.

We hope you liked our  Square Strike Wedge reviews and making the choices you were thinking of having.

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